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Hair Facts: 54 Hair Salon Industry Statistics for 2022

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Curious to learn more about hair salon statistics and what’s changed since the Covid-19 Pandemic? Here you will find all the important stats and facts you need to understand the hair industry better and support your local salons.

Hair Salon Facts 2022

1. Purchasing a salon already in operation will cost you between 40,000-250,00 dollars.

2. Buying a brand new salon, however, will range from $100,000 to $500,000

3. Equipment for Salon purchasing can depend; on individual pieces of equipment, which total around $27,000. 

5. Styling chairs cost between $200 to USD 1,000. 

6. Since COVID-19, hair stylists have moved almost entirely to online forms of payment and tips.

7. There is a gender pay gap between male and female hairstylists, with women earning $35,817 and men earning $37,784.  

8. For every $1 made by male hair stylists, women stylists make 95¢

9. Customers 55 years old and older make up 25.4% of Salon revenue in the US.

10. The high school diploma is the degree most commonly earned by Hair Stylists. 

11. Hair stylists who are white have the highest annual salary compared to all other ethnicities, with Asian hair stylists having the lowest pay at $35,533. 

12. Since COVID-19, “Blow Dry” bars have gained popularity, in which styling services and blow dry are offered and marketed at comparable prices to a haircut. 

13. Instagram has become a powerful and popular marketing tool for hair salons in 2022. 

14. Hair salon employment opportunities are estimated to increase by 19% from 2020 to 2030. 

15. Besides the US, Japan generates the second most revenue for the hair care market. 

16. Massachusetts is the top paying state for the occupation, with an hourly wage of $21.11.

17. Cutting one’s hair does not speed up the growing process.

18. Hair stylists suggest incorporating protein-enriching foods and biotin into one’s diet is the best way to help grow hair.

19. Hair masks help soften the texture of one’s hair but do not aid in its growth rate.

20. Cutting split ends in hair makes the hair more bouncy and look healthier- but it does not speed its growing process.

21. The average ages of certified Hair stylists are 35-45. 

22. Hair Extension services have decreased after the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

23. Low maintenance hair colors rose in popularity in 2022, after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

24. Hair tint retouches have become more popular than highlights in the hair in 2022

25. In 2022, there was a spike in short hair transformations like shags and wolf cuts

Hair Salon Industry Statistics 2022

26. The Hair Salon US Market Size is $46.2B in 2022

27.  Hair Salon growth in the US Market in 2022 rose 16.9%

28.  From 2017 to 2022, the Hair Salon market growth decreased by -0.3 % in the US.

29.  Rent and labor in Salons can report for 80% of the Salon’s revenue. 

30. 45.5% of the hair industry revenue comes from styling and cutting

31. 17.1% of the hair industry revenue is from hair coloring and tinting. 

32. 50% of consumers prefer hairstyles that save them time and are easy to manage.

33. The hair industry comprises more than 80,000 companies; salons account for 95% of revenue, with the rest being barbershops.

34. 50% of a hairstylist’s salary is made through tips.

35. Hair styling products make up 5-25% of sales but are more profitable than hair care services provided. 

36. There is a gender ratio amongst hair stylists in the U.S, with 9% Identified being Male and 91% Identified as female. 

37. 64.1% of hair stylists are white, while 15.1% are Latino or Hispanic.

38.. Hair Stylists’ average salary in the US is currently $38,221USD

39. Women employ 60% of Hair Salons in the US. 

40. Ages 25-34 years old make up the leading demographic of individuals in the US who frequent hair salons, making up 16.5% of the market.

41. Asian, Black or African American, and American Indian hair stylists are the lowest percentage of hairstylists.

42. Black or African Americans make up 11.2% of the industry.

43. Asian hairstylists make up 7.3% of the industry.

44. American Indian hairstylists make up 0.4% of the hair industry.

45. 40% of Millennials get their hair inspiration from Instagram.

46. 70% of women in the US invest in hair coloring and styling. 

47. 63% of Millenials searching for hair Salons now trust companies and brands that can be searched easily for online or have an Instagram page. 

48. 31% of hair stylists earn a high school diploma.

49. 23% of hair stylists earn an associate degree.

50. Only 16% of hair stylists have earned a Diploma, and a bachelor’s is 15%.

51. The top industry hiring hair stylists at 39% is the retail industry. 

52. 30% of hair stylists in the US have said they stayed in their job for 1-2 years.

53. 69.3% of hair stylists speak Spanish, while the least popular language is Italian at 2.1%

54. In 2022, Salon prices were forced to increase because of the losses during COVID-19. 


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