19 Beautiful Flower Girl Hairstyles for Girls of All Ages in 2019

Take some of the stress out of the big day by wearing a style that makes you feel beautiful.

If you or your little one has been asked to be the flower girl at an upcoming wedding, we’re willing to bet you’ve already started practising the walk down the aisle. The job of a flower girl can be a little bit stressful, with all eyes following her every move. It’s important that she feels beautiful and comfortable so she can confidently make it to the end of the aisle.

To help make prepping easier, we’ve created a collection of 19 beautiful flower girl hairstyles for girls of all ages. Each style is wedding-appropriate without being over the top to ensure that she feels ready for the big job.

Read on to check out some breathtaking flower girl hairstyles:

flower girl hairstyles wavy simple updo blonde
An updo that works for all ages.

1. Simple Updo

We’re kicking off the collection with a simple updo that works on a range of hair types and is appropriate for girls of all ages. This updo includes a few key components: volume, intricacy and a few face-framing locks of hair.

flower girl hairstyles twist updo white roses brunette hair
Upgrade a simple updo with scattered roses.

2. Scattered Roses

Take a simple updo one step further and ensure that it’s wedding-appropriate by adding a few scattered white roses.

flower girl hairstyles twist half up flowers
Twist your hair into a romantic style.

3. Twisted Up

This style is easy and romantic and it’s super easy to create. Gather loose curls up into a loose twist and tuck a few flowers into the finished style.

flower girl hairstyles tucked updo red hair
The best DIY updo out there.

4. Tucked Updo

This no-fuss style is easy to create on yourself or on your daughter (even if you’re not a pro stylist). Tuck straightened hair into the base of a ponytail and spread out the tucked hair for more volume. Finish with a mist of Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray to keep the look in place.

flower girl hairstyles tighter updo gems
Scatter gems throughout your style.

5. A Touch of Sparkle

Pull the hair away from the face in a tighter updo and scatter gems throughout for a touch of sparkle.

flower girl hairstyles tiara curled updo
Add a tiara.

6. Princess for a Day

Take a touch of sparkle to the next level by incorporating a tiara in the hairstyle.

flower girl hairstyles styled updo flowers blonde
Go for something classic.

7. Styled Updo

Personalize a very classic styled updo by tucking a few flowers throughout.

flower girl hairstyles sparkly barrette blonde hair
Add some sparkle to any style.

8. Sparkly Barrette

In our opinion, the flower girl can never have too many sparkly accessories.

flower girl hairstyles simple flower crowns
A simple flower crown flatters everyone.

9. Flower Crowns for Days

Keep it simple and sweet with understated flower crowns that flatter everyone.

flower girl hairstyles oversized flower crown
Go in for a dramatic look.

10. Oversized Flower Crown

If you’re looking for the opposite of understated then consider a much more dramatic oversized flower crown. Pair it with long loose textured waves to get the most of that flower child look. Get in on extra texture with a few sprays of Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.

flower girl hairstyles modern accessory
Try a more mod version of the flower theme.

11. Modern Accessory

Honor the flower theme with a more modern floral look.

flower girl hairstyles low brunette bun low crown
Consider a crown that sits across your forehead.

12. A Low Crown

Choose a crown that sits across your forehead and compliments a low and romantic updo.

flower girl flowers tucked low updo
Tuck a handful of flowers into a low updo.

13. Tucked Flowers

Upgrade a simple updo style by tucking a handful of flowers into the base.

flower girl hairstyles floral crowns
Pair a classic flower crown with a uniform low bun.

14. Classic Crowns

An off-center part and low gathered updo streamline the flower crown look and balance it beautifully.

flower girl hairstyles down blonde curls beaded crown
Consider this option if you want to avoid real flowers.

15. Beaded Crown

Leave the real flowers for your walk down the aisle and consider slipping a thin beaded crown over long-styled curls.

flower girl hairstyles curled romantic updo
Let a few curls fall loose.

16. Romantic Updo

A sweet and romantic updo is always a great option for anyone in the wedding party. Let a few curls fall loose around your face to complete the look.

flower girl hairstyles braided half updo
Let your braids be your best accessories.

17. Braided Half-Updo

Skip the flowers and let braids be your accessory for the day.

flower girl hairstyles braid bun
Wrap a braid around the base of your bun.

18. Braid Bun

Wrap a three strand braid around the base of a ballerina bun. This is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to upgrade a simple bun.

flower girl hairstyles braid blonde curls
An oversized braid will make a major statement.

19. Oversized Braid

Create a dutch braid that starts at your hairline and continues to the back of your hair. Spray your hair with Nexxus Promend Heat Protecting Mist and create loose beautiful curls.

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