12 Best Comb Over Undercuts for Men in 2019

Keepin' it fresh with these comb over undercut styles.

Let’s get real for a second: The combover has an undeservingly bad reputation. This cool cut has so much potential to become the hottest style on the block; you just have to play around with it! One of our favorite upgrades to the classic style is the undercut combover. The addition of an undercut to this style gives your look the ultimate swagger and pizzazz that will keep you on your A-game.

Don’t punk out for the same-old safe hairstyles and try out this classic cut with an edgy twist to keep your look timelessly fresh:

1. Voluminous Combover

undercut combover voluminous
Give your undercut combover some volume.

Let your combover reach new heights of style by pumping up the volume on your locks. Make sure to use TRESemmé Thick & Full Balm when styling for the ultimate full effect.

2. Slicked

undercut combover slicked
Create a slicked-back look for a classic greaser style.

Give your undercut combover a slicked back, 1950s retro look.

3. Tamed

undercut combover tamed
Tame your undercut combover for a look that’s SFW.

Need an office-appropriate style? This tamed undercut combover will do just the trick to keep you looking cool and professional for work hours (and happy hour).

4. Buzzed Undercut

undercut combover buzzed
Go for the extremes with a buzzed undercut.

Buzz down those sides for a dramatic, striking undercut that will definitely get some heads turning.

4. Buzzed Undercut

undercut combover gelled
Keep your style in place all day long with some gel.

Get a clean-cut style by grabbing some gel and slicking your combover for a crisp look. Make sure to use AXE Spiked Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel for the ultimate hold all day long.

6. Bed Head

undercut combover bed head
Get the tussled bed head look.

Get the sexy, just-rolled-out-of-bed look for a laid-back attitude. Give your tousled hair an extra boost of texture with Bed Head for Men by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste.

7. Short Combover

undercut combover short
Keepin’ it short and sweet with this short combover.

Be short and straight to the point with this cropped undercut combover.

8. Matte

undercut combover matte
Give your locks a matte, grease-free look.

Not into the gelled or slicked looks? Then create a subtle matte combover that will keep your hair shine-free and clean by using AXE Messy Look: Matte Gel.

9. Overgrown Combover

undercut combover overgrown
Let it grow.

Try out this undercut with an overgrown combover for a truly dramatic style. We recommend pairing this overgrown cut with a buzzed undercut for a bigger impact.

10. Comb-Back

undercut combover comb-back
Why comb it over when you can comb it back?

Instead of combing your hair to the side, switch it up by combing it back to create this eye-catching style.

11. Faded Undercut

undercut combover faded
Get faded with this undercut style.

It’s time to get faded with this shaved gradient. The shaved detail really packs a punch to your day-to-day style.

12. Clipped Undercut

undercut combover designed
Make your undercut stand out with a cool design shaved in.

Whether you want to go simple and subtle with some line detail or want a whole masterpiece shaved into the side of your head, we guarantee that a clipped undercut will make you have the freshest look in your crew.