International Men’s Day: 5 Guys Who Give Men’s Fashion a Good Name

In honor of International Men’s Day, we’re shining the spotlight on the lesser-focused-on and sometimes forgotten little brother of the fashion world. Men’s fashion just doesn’t get the same hype as women’s trends do, and we think they deserve a little sunshine in honor of today. So, without further ado, here are five guys’ looks that give men’s fashion a good name:

International Men’s Day: 5 Guys’ Looks That Get it Right

international mens day messy shag
This no-effort style is as easy as it gets. Photo credit:

1. Effortlessly Messy

The beauty of the men’s trend scene is that effortless and messy styling techniques often reign above all else. You can easily rock an authentic ‘I woke up like this’ hairstyle and roll out of bed and into your clothes. Because believe it or not, your towel-dried slept-on hair is just as good as a more intentional style. Take a leaf out of this guy’s book and pair your messy hair with color-blocked layers to make a true statement.

international mens day crazy curls beard
It requires a lot of confidence and a little chutzpah to pull off this kind of chaos. Photo credit:

2. Chaos and Curls

Take the chaos up a notch with a curly style that starts on your head and extends into your beard. Mimic the style above by running Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse through your damp curls to give them some structure when they dry.

international mens day closely shaved
Get rid of your haircare routine by opting for a quick cropped cut. Photo credit:

3. Cropped and Quick

If you have places to be and people to meet then you’ll want a look that reflects it. This cropped and quick style does just that. Sharp and edgy, it gives the wearer the confidence and bold edge he’s looking for. Not convinced? Take one look at the photo above—nothing broadcasts a modern edge more than a crisp hoodie-jacket combo.

international mens day classic crop
We call it ‘the movie star’ move. Photo credit:

4. The Leading Man Look

We are strong believers that guys have it pretty easy when it comes to fashion. A tight haircut paired with a touch of structure in your outfit is all you need to slide right back into the leading man role in your own life. Own your look and your day with this foolproof look.

international mens day beanie
Every look gets an added cool factor with the addition of a beanie. Photo credit:

5. Top it Off

There is no outfit that is not instantly improved with the addition of a beanie. Opt for a bright pop of neon color to really make an IG-worthy statement. We love how this beanie looks when mixed and matched with both the structured and athleisure trends. In fact, this mixed outfit is the ideal representation of the men’s fashion vibes we’re honoring for International Men’s Day.

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