Here’s How to Master the Slicked-Back Hair for Men Style

Get your hair smoothened and styled, the right way.

In need of a simple yet stylish look for your everyday hairstyle? Look no further! The slicked-back hair for men look is so easy to create and always looks good. This style is versatile as it can go with a casual fit or be perfect for your work or nighttime look. A look this good should come with a catch, right? Wrong! All you need is some hair gel and molding paste and you’re good to go. Follow this easy tutorial and you’ll master the slicked-back hair for men look in no time.


Start with gel.

Let’s start this slicked-back hair for men style! Take some Bed Head for Men Power Play Firm Finish Gel and spread it onto your hands.


Apply gel.

Apply the gel from front to back to get your hair slicked back.


Apply more!

If you feel necessary, add even more gel! It’s all about the desired hold and level of slickness you’re trying to achieve.


Break out the comb.

Refine your slicked-back hair for men style with a fine-toothed comb.


Set with a molding paste.

This is the next phase of the slicked-back hair for men style. Use a finger-swipe’s amount of Bed Head for Men Pure Texture Molding Paste, spread it evenly on your hands to prep for application.


Apply paste.

Comb through the molding paste to give your style your desired hold.



Your slicked-back hair is officially complete, how easy was that?

That’s all there is to the slicked-back hair for men style! Now that you know the scoop, you can add this look to your everyday arsenal. Remember, using product in your hair takes practice as you need to determine how much you need to create to hold but not look overly greasy. Good luck!

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