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Why Do You Need Winter Sun Protection for Hair?

Yep! You need sun protection all year long. 

You already know: If you’re spending time outside you should be using sunscreen on your skin. But you may not know that your hair needs protection from the sun too. Sun protection for hair can be as simple as wearing a hat. You might not even know you were already doing it! It’s important to keep your hair protected from the sun all year long (even in winter!) because it can definitely do some damage, even on the most overcast of days. Read on to learn about winter sun protection for hair and why it’s a must:

4 Reasons Why You Need Winter Sun Protection for Hair

Why Do You Need Hair Sun Protection In The Winter?
Winter sun protection for hair: Caps and beanies are a must.

1. To prevent a sunburnt scalp

If you have never gotten a sunburn on your scalp, then you are lucky. If you are a dude with a super short cut (like a buzz cut or a totally shaved head), you don’t have much hair protection from sun exposure. So if you are spending a lot of time outside, like crushing it on the slopes without a hat on, you’ll be susceptible to getting burned. Having a sunburn on your scalp is zero fun because it will be sore, red, itchy and if it is particularly bad, it can even flake. If you have a fully shaven head, you should apply sunscreen right onto your scalp to protect it, and thankfully there are a lot of variants out now that offer broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection in a lightweight consistency

2. To help prevent dry and brittle hair

When exposed to things like the polar vortex, high winds and the sun, hair in the winter has a lot up against it. If you aren’t using winter sun protection for hair like sunscreen or your head accessory of choice, you might experience damage. On your hair strands, this can show as dry hair that can become coarse, brittle and even break over time. To keep your strands nourished all winter long, use Dove Men+Care Complete Care Fortifying 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner to help leave hair looking healthy and feeling resilient.

 3. To help deal with unmanageable hair

If sun damage continues on your hair without using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, your hair can become unmanageable. It’s because damaged hair doesn’t take to styling in the same way as healthy hair. Using some serum after washing your hair can help add much-needed moisture and make your unruly hair easier to work with. Suave Split End Rescue Hair Serum helps prevent split ends and repairs visible damage. Just be sure to use a small amount on shorter hair.

4. To protect dyed hair

Hair tends to lighten up in the sun. The problem is, it doesn’t always do it evenly, and if you have dyed hair you can end up with some unplanned sun-streaked highlights of the wrong kind, a.k.a. color fade. The best way is to protect your head is by wearing a hat, beanie or hooded clothing. Since most winter parkas have a hood, just remember to use it for hair sun protection!

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