Cool, Non-Ridiculous Haircuts for Balding Men

Eunice Lucero | 22 June 2017

Your new hairline is your friend.

Unfortunately, we can’t really get away with saying that being bald as a baby is the ultimate #tbt. Much has been said on the real cause of male hair loss. Stress, medication, even the occasional calcium deposit and hard shower water rinse has been cited as a culprit. For the most part however, genetics is still known to play the biggest part in the problem. And it’s looking like no amount of camouflage, whether it be in the manner of clever haircuts for balding men or state-of-the-art miracle hair loss treatments, can solve things. Group hug!

Although those aforementioned miracle cures are yet to prove 100 percent effective, we at All Things Hair can help with the former. Check out our shortlist of the best haircuts for balding men that look anything but desperate. Edit: No egos were harmed in the making of this post. Read on:

The Best Haircuts for Balding Men

haircuts for balding men buzz cut
The buzz cut: neat and no-nonsense. Photo credit:

1. Buzz cut

As a general rule, short is the way to go—longer haircuts just highlight any prominent bald spots. So keep it uniform: A buzz cut is the hairstyle version of that clean, soapy, after-shower smell that all girls go crazy for. So fresh and so clean, it’s also a tongue-in-cheek way of saying you’re just dressing for the hot weather! And if you want something slightly longer up top, you also might want to check out the high and tight.


haircuts for balding men slicked back undercut
Go high on the sides for a deliberate take.

2. Slicked-back undercut

Whether you wear this as a preppy side comb-over version, or go full gangsta and slick it back, the high undercut is an ingenious way to hide a growing bald spot in the middle of your head via the longer hair you still have. Ask your barber for a high taper on the sides in order to make it look deliberate. Style with a high-shine pomade, such as Axe Signature Smooth Look: Shine Pomade, for the coolest results.


haircuts for balding men fauxhawk mohawk
Surprisingly dapper when combed over to one side too.

3. Faux/mohawk

Amp up your undercut and work around those growing temple bald spots—or what we affectionately refer to as devil horns—with a short mohawk. Instead of feeling nostalgic about the hair you used to have towards the front, work with what you have: Ask your barber for an even higher fade, one that leaves almost just the center strip of the tops of your head unshaven. Style with an extreme-hold product (a nod to Axe Spiked-Up Look: Styling Putty or Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play) for an edgy, spiky look, or mold into a quiff or pomp for something more ~suave~ (or work-friendly).


haircut for balding men scissor crop
Scissor crops, and oldie but always goodie. Photo credit: Dvora

3. Close scissor crop

 As the name suggests, this look entails just cutting hair with an all-over taper, keeping the sides tight and the tops gentlemanly brushed to one side. Best for dudes who have an allover thinning problem, this is a cool, classic way to settle into your new, larger hairline without any jarring edges.


haircuts for balding men light layers
A tousled texture up top is key. Photo credit: Dvora

4. Light layers

Another allover-balding failsafe, light, subtle layers give the illusion of fullness and volume without looking patchy. One of the best haircuts for balding men who aren’t sold on cutting it too close, this entails having your tops cut in uneven layers using shears and styling them with a paste, such as Dove Men+Care Sculpting Paste, in a tousled manner.


haircuts for balding men baby caesar
Casual yet confident, the Caesar cut gets updated with a shorter fringe. Photo credit:

5. Baby Caesar

A spinoff on the ’90s favorite, the baby Caesar haircut retains the short, straight hairline of the original—this works especially well on receding hairlines—and the front micro fringe. The difference is in the length, which in this case, is shorter and thinner, but deliberately so.


haircuts for balding men punk mullet
Longer hair in the back but thinning on the crown? Create texture with a fringed mullet. Photo credit:

6. Punk mullet

If you’ve still got some rockstar left in you because who hasn’t (or okay, are relatively young and beset with early-onset baldness), why not take a stand with a punky, edgy mullet? The latest, coolest variations feature more natural texture at the front and subtle, less rednecky layering at the back. A soft styling cream, such as Axe Natural Hold: Understated Cream, can help give control to longer layers but still keep this cut’s fun details pretty obvious.


haircuts for balding men full shaven
Sunscreen, always. Photo credit:

7. Full Monty

No one can completely fight Mother Nature anyway, why not work with her instead? Trust us, shaving it all off shows more confidence than hanging on to any sad, glory-day vestiges of your Casanova curls. Don’t forget the SPF, and while you’re at it, never forget about the awesome possibilities of some sexy facial hair.

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