Disco Inferno: The Super Hot 70s Hairstyles from The Get Down

So who wins when disco meets hip-hop? We all do. (Disclaimer: spoilers!)

To say that Netflix’s funktastic series The Get Down blew us away is an understatement. The 12-episode show, purported to be the most expensive yet, pulls no punches: Everything from the characters’ on-point looks, the authentic set designs to all of the glorious, glorious 70s hairstyles is an immense feast for the senses.

Set in the broiling South Bronx, the series follows a motley crew of characters as they come of age in the turbulent late ’70s, during a pivotal time when hip-hop was on the brink of bursting onto the scene. It was also an era where disco fever was at its peak and gang turmoil was on the streets.

We follow the protagonists’ musically fueled shenanigans and watch as they are tinged with all the super-saturated, over-the-top tropes and microtrends of 1977 New York life: graffiti, kung fu, afros, disco balls and polyester as far as the eye can see. But before y’all blame it on the boogie, first scroll down for a look into the best 70s hairstyles from the show. We’ll see you on the dance floor:

The Best 70s Hairstyles from The Get Down

70s hairstyles from the get down mylene
Gospel-appropriate braids make way to true disco-diva curls for budding star Mylene. Photo credit: Netflix

1. Mylene Cruz

The little church girl from the Bronx uses her larger-than-life talent to break out of the neighborhood, and her style is evocative of these starry-eyed dreams. Conservative, daddy’s-little-girl twisted updos, half-ponytails and braids make way to sultrier waves and sexy curls, as she rebels against her gospel roots and breaks out her inner diva.

70s hairstyles from the get down
The soul is strong with these girls. Photo credit: Netflix
70s hairstyles from the get down soul madonnas
The year: 1977. The flavor: Feathered layers and high afros. Photo credit: Netflix

2. The Soul Madonnas

Mylene’s girlfriends, Yolanda and Regina, join her as members of the disco soul group Mylene and the Soul Madonnas. In true disco-decade form, they work the era’s 70s hairstyles to the hilt: feathered hair, long, crisp ringlets and afros are undeniably the look of the day. Their funky hairdos are the best accessories to both their glitzy club dresses and campy daytime croptops.

70s hairstyles from the get down ezekiel
All of the feelings: The introspective Ezekiel wears his heart (and hair) loud and proud. Photo credit: Netflix

3. Ezekiel “Books” Figuero

Ezekiel, the lovestruck Romeo (and budding rapper) who wants to shield his ladylove, the naïve Mylene, from the vultures of the Bronx entertainment underbelly, wears his afro as proudly as he does his heart on his sleeve. Big, round and as iconic as they come (sideburns!), his look perfectly plays off of his funky Casanova sports suits as well as Mylene’s spicy-sweet cocktail dresses.

70s hairstyles from the get down boys
Squad goals. Photo credit: Netflix
70s hairstyles from the get down shaolin kipling
Putting the fan in fantastic: Shaolin Fantastic’s sporty looks remain relevant today. Photo credit: Netflix

4. Shaolin and the Kiplings

The boys in the ’hood—street-smart, nomadic Shaolin Fantastic, and the Kipling brothers, Boo Boo, Ra-Ra and finally Dizzee, a.k.a. graffiti artist Rumi 411—provide a superbly entertaining, heavily-athleisured foil to the more introspective Ezekiel. All feature some iteration of natural-textured 70s hairstyles, from mega afros to cropped TWAs paired with sharp temple fades. The looks, together with retro style staples such as circle socks, army jackets and b-boy jumpsuits, also provide a cohesive and distinct taste of the groovy fashion of the era.

The full first season of The Get Down is available on Netflix.

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