How-tos: Create Stylish and Modern Space Buns in No Time!

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model showing final half up half down space buns look



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Ready for a showstopper hairdo? Then, it’s safe to say these space buns are bound to become one of your favorites for parties, night outs or weekend errands! 

Combining the majestic vibe of out-of-this-world royalty with the coolness of the 90’s beauty era, this is truly a hairstyle that’s not only easy to recreate — not rocket science here, promise! — But it’s also the perfect option for when you’re looking to elevate your look (or, let’s be real, when a beanie won’t do its trick on a bad hair day).

Regardless of your hair length, you’ll need to build up some texture in order to get nice and neat results. However, don’t be afraid to leave it as it is: messy space buns are also quite trendy. 

Learn how to do our ever so playful space buns, and prepare yourself to take over the universe in minutes!


Prep your hair.

Start by spraying a hair mist, like Dove Hair Therapy 7-in-1 Miracle Mist, all over your damp hair. Make sure your coating your mane evenly! This will help to prep your style by smoothing, controlling the frizz, and adding some shine. At this point, you can also use a diffuser at the roots to build up some volume.

model spraying Dove product on damp hair



Divide and conquer.

Section your hair at the front (here’s where you’ll create your beautiful space buns in the following steps), clip it, and now let’s focus on brushing out your mid-ends to get rid of any knots.

model sectioning top part of the hair

Brush thoroughly.

It’s important to brush the back of your hair to detangle and soften the strands. After we have created our half up space buns, you can go back to this section to either let your natural texture shine by itself, straighten it with a flatiron, or even adding some waves or curls.  

model brushing through hair section

Blow dry your hair straight.

One step closer to awesomeness! Take a paddle brush and blow dry the front section in a downward motion. This will create a smooth, straight canvas for our hair buns.

model blow drying section of hair straight

Section the front part.

Using a rat tail comb, split the front of your hair into two chunky, well-defined sections, making sure you have a clean middle-part.

model parting hair in the middle and sectioning hair

Clip hair in place.

Once your hair is neatly divided, take both sides, twist and secure them to your head with a clip.

model clipping hair in place

Make your pigtails.

Each section will now become a high pigtail leaning towards each side of your head. Pull tightly and use a hair tie so the pigtail can stay in place. Let the fun begin!

model securing hair section with band

Backcomb gently.

Don’t skip this step! Now that you have your pigtails in order, grab a rat tail comb and start teasing your hair upwards. Backcombing your hair will add volume and an incredible texture – super necessary when you’re building up some cool-looking space buns.

model backcombing hair section

Do the twist.

The moment we have been waiting for. Take your already-backcombed section and bend it from the base and into a bun. Unless you’re going for a messy look, don’t forget to twist your hair firmly.

model twisting hair into a bun

Secure in place.

Tuck and hide the end of your bun inside the hair elastic you previously used for the pigtails. If you want to go the extra mile, secure your masterpiece with a couple of bobby pins right at the base of the buns.

model securing hair section in place


Repeat the steps 8, 9, and 10 on the other side. If your hair is extremely thin or fine, if you’re prone to flyaways or frizz, or if you want this style to last longer, consider using the hairspray of your choice right when you’re done.

model securing hair section on the other side


Our half up, half down space buns are exactly what you need to become the queen of the galaxy… Or at the very least, the coolest gal ever!

model showing final half up half down space buns look

These space buns are surely a head-turner no matter how you decide to style it. Now it’s your turn to play it cool with some 90s’ accessories (butterfly clips, anyone?) and even rhinestones pins or flowers for a more romantic vibe. The sky is the limit! May the hair goddesses be with you, always. 

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