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This High Ponytail is an Instant Facelift

A non-surgical technique with all the killer benefits.

If you’re prone to under-eye bags and a permanently exhausted-looking face during the workweek or after a late night out, we get it; it isn’t pretty. Looking tired can throw your whole day off and affect how you’re feeling. You deserve to wake up and look your best every morning, even if it’s not totally how you feel. What if we told you a simple high ponytail could give you an instant facelift and make you look awake and, even better, super fierce?

Just by creating this ponytail, you’ll be able to accentuate your bone structure and get the lift around your eyes and forehead you need. This look is so easy and the results are incredible! Read on for all our tips and tricks:

Get an Instant Facelift with this Ponytail

instant facelift ponytail
A sleek high ponytail will show off your bone structure.

Get your strands super-sleek

Before creating your ponytail, it’s important to create a sleek base. We love this style with a totally straight look but if you want your ponytail to be your natural texture that’s great, too! As long as the hair at the root is sleek, you’ll be able to achieve an instant facelift. Protect your hair and get a soft, moisturized finish by prepping with a spritz of heat protectant. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray is perfect for the job. Now straighten to your heart’s content!

Next, finger-comb some styling cream through your strands. This will tame any frizz, lumps and bumps as you create your ponytail. Bed Head by TIGI After Party Styling Cream will make your hair manageable and shiny.

Create a snatched pony

Now it’s time to make some magic. When creating this high ponytail, it’s all about following your bone structure. Gather your hair up in a high ponytail and make sure it’s smooth. Following the natural, gradual upward line of your cheekbones will give you the perfect lift. This will prevent you from pulling your skin too low or too high. Keeping your ponytail at this level will create the illusion of longer and more chiseled cheekbones. It will also give the skin around your eyes and forehead a gentle lift.

When securing your ponytail, make sure it’s tight so it stays in place but not so tight that you look like you’re stuck in a wind tunnel.

Add some flair

Now that you’ve got the instant facelift, you can play around with the style any way you like! Try using your straightener to create an inward bend to the ends of your hair for a more retro finish. If you want to further class it up, take a small section from your ponytail, wrap it around your hair tie and secure it with a bobby pin.

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