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Next-Level Gym Hair Care: Strengthen Your Strands While You Sweat

Let your hair get in on the strength training, too.

All it takes is a scroll through Instagram or a flip through any fashion magazine to know that athleisure is more than a legitimate clothing choice right now: it’s pretty much a lifestyle. And whether you’re making a fashion statement or clocking that gym time, we think that strength training should be about more than just your body. That means prioritizing gym hair care, too. These quick tips will help you strengthen your strands while you sweat and allow you to juggle your priorities like the multitasking queen you are. Read on for some of our best strengthening gym hair care tips:

Next-Level Gym Hair Care

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These gym hair care hacks work for every hair type.

Hair mask while you sweat.

Yes, hair mask is a verb and one of our favorite ways to strengthen and revive our strands. On days when you aren’t planning on playing the dry shampoo card post-workout, you’ll want to use this trick. Grab a generous amount of Bed Head by TIGI Resurrection Treatment Mask and comb it through the ends of your hair until your strands are lightly saturated. Then style your hair in a ponytail, bun or braid and hit the gym. The hair mask will work its strengthening magic while you hit the weights and take care of your strands while you take care of you.

Wash and condition mindfully.

Post-workout gym hair care is just as important as the techniques you use during the workout itself. Use a strengthening and purifying duo to lock in all the benefits of the mask. It will also cleanse your scalp from all that sweat buildup. We suggest Dove Purify & Strengthen Shampoo and Conditioner for a wash and care system that gives you the best of both.

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