no ponytail hairstyle with the slight slick

7 Day No Ponytail Hairstyle Challenge: Could You Do It?

Releasing the hair tie is the first step.

We all have our hairstyle crutches. For some of us, it’s that two-minute top knot or a who-cares-whatever-direction-my-hair-might-fall messy bun, while others are clinging onto ponytail hairstyles. While there’s nothing wrong with a one-style life, we also think that you might be missing out on some new looks. To help you out, we’re sharing seven totally different hairstyles that will challenge you to try out something different on your hair every single day—yes, like Monday through Sunday.

Read on to check out these no ponytail hairstyle ideas that are sure to help you step outside of your self-inflicted hairstyling box:

7 Day No Ponytail Hairstyle Challenge

no ponytail hairstyle with the blowout
Master the home blowout for your hair (and your wallet!). Photo credit:

1. Blowout

Let’s start with something slow and steady, shall we? The blowout is one of our favorite sleek hairstyles that is bringing women in droves to their local blow-dry bars. To achieve this look, wash and condition your hair like you normally would, then let your hair air-dry until it’s about 90 percent dry. When ready, detangle and brush your hair, then spritz your hair with a heat protectant like Nexxus Promend Heat Protecting Mist.

Divide your hair into workable sections as you brush down with a round brush, rolling out and bringing it away from your crown. Repeat this several times until you achieve your desired sleekness. Make your way onto the next section until your hair is sleek and blow-out ready.

ponytail hairstyle: try the crown braid
The thicker crown braid brings some serious definition to your face. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

2. Crown Braid

Considered one of the superstars of festival season, the crown braid is one of our favorite no ponytail hairstyles. This style also gets your hair out of your face while offering a trendier look. We are digging this thicker, crown braid hairstyle tutorial that actually starts out as a ponytail. Bonus: This style rocks on second-day hair.

no ponytail hairstyle with twisted bangs
This elegant hairstyle is quite a head-turner.

3. Twisted Bangs

This style is all about creating depth to your hair. We love this messy, twisted style, as seen at the Jenny Packham show, that taps into a romantic hairstyle that’s also super edgy and feminine.

no ponytail hairstyle with space buns
Easy and trendy? Sign us up! Photo credit:

4. Space Buns

This playful hairstyle has been giving us some serious ’90s vibes that we have been loving. Try this look on a half-up space bun hairstyle, or garner some inspiration from some of our favorite space bun looks that you can easily try out on your hair.

no ponytail hairstyle flipped hair
Flip out and look awesome in the process. Photo credit:

5. Flipped Hair

We’ve heard this a zillion times: You don’t have time to do your hair. But what if you don’t need that much time to create a runway-worthy no ponytail hairstyle? Ah, there’s the rub! This look is the perfect post-blowout, as it allows you to create a slight wave with a curling iron. Your second-day hair may require some dry shampoo, like Dove Detox and Purify Dry Shampoo, as you loop a small section of your hair into the curling iron. Loop your hair around the barrel and release. Repeat this process until you achieve the right amount of wave.

no ponytail hairstyle with the slight slick
Slightly slicked-back hair is so easy. Photo credit:

6. Slight Slicked-Back Hair

So chic and so easy, the slicked-back hair trend has definitely been on our radar for a no ponytail hairstyle. What we love about this look is how it subtly takes your hair away from your face—without any greasy vibes. To achieve, apply some gel, like TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel to the base of your hair as you work it down towards your ends. Use a comb or brush to smooth back your hair even further, and you’re done!

ponytail hairstyle bubble pony
Have a cheat day with an edgy ponytail. Photo credit:

7. Bubble Pony

You’re almost there, and by now you’re probably admiring your new hairstylin’ skills, but also craving your beloved hair tie. Let’s meet in the middle with this cool bubble ponytail that combines the classic look with a modern iteration. This style is all about creating a low ponytail that follows five to eight subsequent ponytails. Check out our full bubble pony tutorial so that you can master this look and add another ponytail option to your repertoire.

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