Tutorial: How To Make a Low Bun with a Crown

Fit for royalty. 

In the day and age of endless hairstyles, we’ve always got our eyes out for the next best look. Waves, braids, the low bun, crowns, candy floss colors—we’re all about it. So is it any wonder that when we have the opportunity to combine looks, we’re the first to raise our hands to volunteer?

In this case, the beautiful combo of a braided crown and low bun has caught our eye. And we have a feeling it will catch yours too: There’s just something about the femininity of a simple braid paired with the effortless chic of a low bun that makes it an instant classic in our books. Call it what you will, but we think it’s a look fit for royalty!

Read on to follow simple steps to bring this look to life:

Tutorial: Low Bun with a Crown


Start with clean hair.

To get the most out of your hairstyle, clean hair is a must.  We like how TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo and Conditioner gets your tresses in tip-top shape. This power combo reverses the traditional way of washing hair: First, you’ll pre-wash with a conditioner, and then you follow up with a shampoo, which means smooth, lightweight hair ready for styling.



Apply product for added shine.

We don’t know about you, but we’re suckers for shimmering locks. That said, before you begin styling your low bun, evenly distribute a dollop or two of oil or a few spritzes of shine spray into your hair for added gleam. Try TRESemmé Botanique Damage Recovery Oil Elixir for the perfect glossy look.



Section hair for braiding.

Pinch two thin strips of hair near the hairline for your braid.


Start braiding.

Braid two small sections of hair around your hairline in a regular three-strand plait, from the crown all the way to the ends.


Secure the ends.

Once you reach the end of your braids, secure each with a clear mini elastic or hair tie.



Tie both braids behind your head.

Next, take both braids behind your head and secure with another hair elastic. Say hello to your crown!



Flip your ponytail.

Once you have your braids fastened together, gather the rest of your hair, apart from small tendrils to frame your face, into a ponytail, and flip it upside down to begin creating your low bun.



Secure your low bun with pins.

To secure your bun, do the pin-curl method and tuck everything into place from the outside in, all a few hidden bobby pins. Keep in mind that, like hair ties, it’s always best to pick bobby pins that are closest to your hair color for better camouflaging.



You’re all set! To finish off your look, use Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray to get all-day control without the weigh-down or stiffness.



Want more gorgeous hair ideas? Check out our article How to Create a Pull Through Hair Crown!

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