Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

5 Cute Yet Professional Work Hairstyles for Short Hair

Look cute at work without compromising your professionalism!

Did you recently get a new job you are looking to polish your look for? Or perhaps, you are looking for ways to update your current work look. Either way, if you have short hair, trying a variety of hairstyles may sometimes be hard, especially if shorter hair is newer for you. Therefore, we have created a guide for you on the cutest ways to style work hairstyles for short hair. 

Learn how to style work hairstyles for short hair without compromising style or professionalism. 

1. Short Ombre Work Hairstyle for Short Hair

ombre silk press bun
Implementing color into your everyday look can be fun. Photo by Brian Lundquist

Who says you can’t wear color to work? Brighten up your work hairstyle for short hair with color. This style looks gorgeous when worn up in an afro or down in a silk-pressed bob. When wearing your hair in a silk press, preserve your look throughout the week by using an anti-frizz cream. The Suave Smooth Performer Anti-Frizz Cream is a great option for starters! 

Need a new hair regimen?

2. Blunt-Cut Bob 

blunt bob natural hair
Wear a blunt bob for work. Photo by Kermen Tutkunova

Another beautiful way to wear a bob when styling work hairstyles for short hair is to wear a blunt cut. If you are not looking to touch your natural hair for this look, then you should consider getting a lace front wig with this exact hairstyle. Wigs are a great way to switch in-between hairstyles fast. 

3. Slicked Back Hairstyle for Short Hair 

slick back bun natural hair
A slick back bun is a fast and easy way to style short hair for work Photo by Jabari Timothy

Create a cute little bun by slicking back your hair for work. Slick back your hair with a safe firm-hold gel such as SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil + Flaxseed Strong Hold Styling Gel. After styling your hair, touch up on your look by laying your edges with the same gel. Although this hairstyle is cute and easy to achieve, don’t get into the habit of slicking your hair back every day! This is because pulling and tugging on your hair often while slicking back on your hair can cause breakage over time.  

4. Teenie Weenie Afro 

teenie weenie afro for work
Embrace your fro at work. Photo by Taylor Heery

Don’t be afraid to wear your hair in its natural state when styling work hairstyles for short hair. A teenie weenie afro is a perfect time to learn how to start embracing your afro. Additionally, care for your scalp throughout the week with Suave Professionals Castor Oil & Mango Butter for Natural Hair and Scalp Oil

5. Curly Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair

natural hair bun
This is another great way to embrace your natural hair at work. Photo by Jeremiah Mott

Are you looking to wear a bun without using too much product in your hair? Then you should style your hair in a small bun or a natural hair puff. You can even accessorize your look with fun jumbo scrunchies to spice up your look. 

How will you be styling your work hairstyles for short hair? Show us your look by tagging @AllThingsHairUS. Also, for more hairstyle inspiration, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below. 

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Need a new hair regimen?
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