butterscotch haircolor ideas

Meet Butterscotch: The New Hair Color You Didn’t Know You Needed!

How to sport this hair color on natural hair and protective styling

Looking for a new hair color? Then perhaps it’s time for you to try a new out-of-the-box color that is bound to set some trends! Meet the butterscotch hair color. The butterscotch hair color has a base of warm brown with strong hues and tones of gold. The color can also be described as being adjacent to caramel. This hairstyle not only looks great on natural hair but with protective styling options too! 

How to Sport the Butterscotch Hair Color on Natural Hair and Protective Styling

Want to learn more about how you can sport this color on natural hair and with protective styling? Check out our style guide below! 

1. Butterscotch Hair Color Jumbo Braids 

butterscotch color box braids
Elevate this everyday look with a unique hair color. Photo by Clout Africa

Jumbo braids are a gorgeous style that is fast and easier to install than other traditional box braid styles. This perfect everyday style is gorgeous in a butterscotch shade. Add some extra flair to the look by curling the ends of your hair for a trendy finish. Use SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Tea Tree & Borage Seed Oil Shine Spray to maintain the shininess of the curls. 

2. Short Butterscotch Curls 

butterscoth color teenie weenie afro
Your teenie weenie afro will love the butterscotch addition. Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi

Accentuate your curls with the butterscotch hair color. You can wear this hair color in full bloom. However, this hairstyle looks especially great on curly hair when worn in highlights over your dark natural hair colors. 

3. Highlights on Afro Hair 

butterscotch afro highlights
Highlight your coils and curls. Photo by Thiago Rebouças

Allow the texture of your coils and curls to shine through with butterscotch hair color highlights. Add some dimension to the highlights by implementing ginger and blonde tones for a cute fiery look. Use Suave Luscious Curls Shampoo to keep your curls poppin’ while wearing this butterscotch hair color. 

4. Full Blown Butterscotch Hair Color on Afro Hair

butterscotch hair color afro
Highlights aren’t enough? Then, step into full bloom with this hair color. Photo by Shelby Cohron

Want more than just a few strands of the butterscotch hair color on your afro? Then rather than wearing the hair in highlights, wear the color in full bloom on your afro. Maintain your hair color with Suave Vivid Color Conditioner

5. Balayage Hair Coloring

Beautifully balayaged hair can go a long way. Photo by Ben Iwara

Wear your butterscotch hair color in a unique way by wearing it in highlights that intensify as you get lower in your hairstyle. This means that you would have your butterscotch highlights more prevalent at the top. However, as you go lower in the length of your hairstyle, the butterscotch hairstyle becomes more of an ombre look. This look helps to beautifully blend the various tones of your hair colors for the perfect balayage look. 

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