10 Modern Goth Hairstyles to Fit Your Edgy Personality

Slip into a new hair trend this season: goth hairstyles.

Goth hairstyles are back! We bet that’s something you didn’t think would happen. If you’re not familiar with these kinds of hairstyles, goth styles are typically black, heavily layered hairstyles with thick side-swept bangs. Styling usually meant keeping it messy, and the only accessories in sight were black lipstick and coordinating eyeliner. Does that sound familiar? What started as a style worn by mostly punk rock bands and their fans is now being transformed by your favorite influencers, models, and celebrities.

The goth hairstyles we see today embrace rainbow hues of hair color and hair types. Whether you have stick-straight hair, blonde, brunette, pink or red hair, there are modern goth hairstyles for every personality. Feeling vampy? Read on as we explore each one:

1. Slicked Back Hair

gothic hairstyles slicked back hair
Slicked back hair is fashion-forward and one of the easy gothic hairstyles to copy too. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Fashion-forward and goth, too! What’s not to love about a hairstyle that you can create in seconds? Grab gel, apply and backcomb hair… et voilà! You’re done.

2. Micro Fringe

goth hairstyles micro fringe
Part film noir, part punk rock. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A baby bang is one of the last words in stylish goth, and we’re more than stoked to see that this once-subversive look is now going mainstream. Ask your stylist for a bang that rests high above your forehead, and pair it with some texture for that undeniable cool factor.

3. Sleek Pony

goth hairstyles sleek pony
On-trend red shadow and lipstick make for a killer combo too.

A super-sharp ponytail done on the darkest of hair hues is at equally home on the runways and at your fave after-dark clubs. Use a fine-tooth comb to sweep your hair back into a sleek ponytail and get rid of any flyaways.

4. Accented Twists

gothic hairstyles twists
Make a style statement by adding a pop of color to your twists. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Twists are a great protective hairstyle. You can add a pop of color to edge it up as desired. This bright pop of bleach blonde hair color adds some major edge to the style!

5. Messy Bob

gothic hairstyles messy bobs
Let your waves go with gothic hairstyle messy bobs. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

We love ourselves some legit short goth hairstyles, and the best ones are known for controlled chaos with waves and curls. Use a curling iron to create waves, then break them up with your fingers. Add TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel to hold your style in place and give it a wet sheen.

6. Beehive

gothic hairstyles beehive
Beehives are all about attitude. Photo credit: Dvora

Beehives are back and can be worn by any hair type, and provide a cool, vintage twist to the goth look. The trick to making a beehive is back-combing or teasing the hair to create extra, extra volume. Use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum on strands to help you tease without damaging tresses.

7. Fishtail Crown Braids

gothic hairstyles fishtail braids
Fishtail braids are perfectly done “undone” gothic hairstyles.

Gothic hairstyles can sometimes be classified as a perfectly done/undone style like these fishtail braids. If you haven’t tried the fishtail yet, follow our fishtail braid tutorial.

8. Messy Top Knot

gothic hairstyles messy topknot
Get sassy with a messy top knot.

File this under the cute goth hairstyles category! Top knots are sexy, practical, and chic. You can wear them to the gym, then at the office, and… well, anywhere. Give the top knot a gothic hairstyle spin by making it slightly undone and messy. Use Suave Professionals Natural Hold Non Aerosol Hairspray for a soft flexible hold that keeps your style in place without making your hair feel sticky or hard.

9. Tapered Afro

gothic hairstyles tapered afro
Tapered afros highlight your good looks.

The tapered afro is a fun way to interpret goth hairstyle trends. This style is great for natural hair textures, as it doesn’t require a lot of manipulation to the curls.

10. Crimped Hair

gothic hairstyles crimped hair
Crimping hair is a fast way to create gothic hairstyles.

Do you know how we mentioned earlier how styles come back again? Crimped hair was big in the ’80s and yes, it’s back! Use a hair crimper to recreate this texture or simply braid your damp hair into small braids overnight!

Are you thinking about trying out one of these goth hairstyles? Be sure to grab a picture and tag us over @AllThingsHairUS!

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