15 Shades of Grays, Blondes and Blues Inspired by Pantone Color 2021

Shades of illuminating hair colors trending right now.

The Pantone color 2021 has been described as “a marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.” The shades Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, (which means yellow blondes), highlight how two very different shades can come together to form a more complete and beautiful whole. Blue, being part of the Ultimate Gray color wheel is our third featured color.

The Pantone color 2021 combination is inspiring everything from fashion trends to beauty innovations, and of course, includes hair color too. Read on to see 15 on-demand hair colors inspired by the Pantone color combination of 2021.

FHI Color Guide, Limited Edition, Color of the Year 2021
FHI Color Guide, Limited Edition, Color of the Year 2021.

One of our sources of inspiration was the Ultimate Gray Color Guide including the different variations of blue shades since blue is one of the trendiest hair colors of the year so far. It’s all over TikTok for a reason!

1. Blue Goddess Braids

Pantone color 2021 blue braids
These vibrant blue goddess braids leave a big impact.

These vibrant blue goddess braids are the result of a slightly tempered shade of cobalt blue. The end result? A perfect purple-infused shade of blue.

2. Blue Box Braids

Pantone color 2021 blue box braids
Make a temporary shift with blue box braids.

Take your blue hair in the other direction with this milky blue hue. These box braids are a semi-temporary way to get in on the colors of the year without doing any damage to your strands.

3. Rooted Gray Hair

Pantone color 2021 gray rooted hair
This grown-in style will last for months.

Salon appointments are hard to come by in this climate. Opt for an already-rooted style that will grow out inconspicuously. Keep the color vibrant by caring for your strands with Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo and Conditioner.

4. E-Girl Hair

Pantone color 2021 e-girl
Try this 2021 trend.

Does it get any more 2021 than the e-girl hair trend? Color just your front locks a vibrant shade of blue.

5. Blue Highlights

Pantone color 2021 blue streaks
These chunky blue highlights are the ideal accessory.

Blend your blue highlights with a gray hue and leave your roots untouched for a endearingly chaotic blend of hair colors.

6. Silvery Blue

Pantone color 2021 gray half up
This silvery-blue hue has a celestial element.

Use the rock-solid Pantone Color of Ultimate Gray as inspiration for your silvery-blue style. This look has an almost celestial element and will serve as the perfect contrast to sunnier days ahead.

7. Muted Silver

Pantone color 2021 white gray
This muted silver is a matte color lover’s dream.

Alternatively, go in a more matte light blonde direction. Scale the Ultimate Gray color of the year up to its lightest hue to achieve this look.

8. Straight Gray Strands

Pantone color 2021 blue gray straight
This straight style adds an extra edgy element to an already edgy style.

Choose a style that gives you depth and dimension with this rooted edgy style. Bring this photo to your stylist in order to communicate the depth of this look effectively.

9. Hi-Def Silver

Pantone color 2021 gray shine
This silver-tone is so bright and vibrant, it gives a high definition vibe.

The secret to creating a high definition hue like this one is twofold: make sure to choose a stylist that specializes in technicolor hues and incorporates the best hair products into your routine. Prep your hair with Bed Head by TIGI Blow-Out Golden Illuminating Cream. This product is formulated with gold mica to add a golden shine to your strands.

10. Bright Blue Curls

Pantone color 2021 blue curls
Take it up a notch with these bright blue curls.

Take your look up a notch with these vibrant bright blue curls.

11. Rooted Blonde

pantone color 2021
Consider a classic take on your Pantone Illuminating swatch.

If you’re looking for a classic and trendy way to reference the Illuminating of this year’s Pantone duo, try this rooted blonde look.

12. Shades of Sunset

pantone color 2021 yellow pink
Infuse the colors of sunset into your strands.

Alternatively, you can take your look in the opposite direction and infuse your strands with all the shades of sunset. Pink, orange, and yellow all work together to create this cohesive and bright look.

13. Yellow-Greenpantone color 2021 yellow green

We like to call this look: comic book colors. We like to think of this look as comic book-inspired with shades of green and yellow. It’s also a fun and punchy way to incorporate the yellow of this year’s trending colors.

14. Yellow Blonde

pantone color 2021 yellow blonde
Opt for a true yellow shade of blonde hair color.

The shade Illuminating is meant to infuse this year with sunshine and brightness. This shade of very literal yellow blonde hair color will do just that!

15. Bleach Blonde

pantone color 2021 bleach blonde
A trendy take on shades of yellow hair color.

Keep it trendy with a sleek shade of bleach blonde hair color. A cool set of fringe takes the edgy look to another level!

Are you thinking about trying out one of these shades? Be sure to snap a picture and tag us @AllThingsHairUS!

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