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6 Ways to De-Stress Right at Home

Take a breather. We're in this together!

While most of us are spending a lot of time at home right now due to social distancing or working from home, it can also feel like it’s almost impossible to find ways to de-stress in our house or apartment, given what’s going on in the world beyond our walls (you can also thank our 24/7 news cycle for that minute-by-minute dose of anxiety).

We’re here to let you know that we’re right here with you, and it is possible to de-stress, at least for a few minutes, given our current situations. Whether your living room has turned into your new office or it feels like you’ve exhausted just about every activity possible or are just left completely depleted or wrought out by the news or social media, we’ve rounded up a few ways to de-stress. The best part? You can do all of these suggestions right in the comfort of your own couch. Read on:

6 Ways to De-Stress Right at Home

1. Video Call

Feeling stressed? You’ll be so surprised at how good you feel after talking with a friend or family member. This is a great time to catch up with them and remember how many amazing people you have in your life.

2. Reading as Ways to De-Stress at Home

Now is the perfect time to finally dig into that pile of books you’ve been wanting to read. Don’t have access to a library? No need to worry! You can rent many books right on your phone through your local library. Taking the time to read every day is one of our favorite ways to de-stress before bed.

3. Hair Mask

There are very few things that are better than the feeling of silky hair after indulging in a hair mask. We love Dove Amplified Textures Moisture Spa Recovery Mask. This mask intensely nourishes your hair, which helps to strengthen your hair shaft, add shine, and reduce breakage. We love using this mask in place of our conditioner once a week. Plus, it leaves our strands soft for days after using it.

4. Exercise

yoga at home
Even just 10 minutes of exercise can make a difference!

Even if you’re in your house all day, it’s important to remember to move your body! Getting those endorphins flowing is one of the best ways to de-stress anyway. Whether that’s going on a walk, running outside, or even turning on a YouTube yoga video, you’ll feel so much more energized and relaxed afterward.

5. Bake

Trying a new activity is a great way to get your mind off of anything that might be going on in your life. Plus, who doesn’t love cookies straight out of the oven?! It’s time to pull up that trendy dessert you keep scrolling by on social media and start baking.

6. Scalp Scrub

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that one of the best parts of a haircut is the relaxing head massage you get at the beginning. Why not use this technique as one of your ways to de-stress at home? We love Nexxus Scalp Inergy gentle Exfoliating Scalp Scrub. We love this scrub because it uses sugars, wheat protein, and ginger root to help remove product residue and strengthen your hair.




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