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These Are Vacation Hair Essentials I Packed and Actually Used This Week

Sometimes less is more.

Growing up, my family used to go to Cape Cod every summer for a week-long vacation. As we got older and busier, these yearly trips were slowly phased out. This year we headed back to the Cape and it was everything I remembered. Everything moves slower on the Cape, everyone is smilier, and in true vacation mode, you feel like you can make do with less overall. Less traffic, less takeout, fewer beauty products—the list goes on. Enter: my vacation hair essentials.

I used to very much be a maximalist when it came to packing. This year, I took a different approach. Here are the vacation hair essentials I packed and actually used this week:

Vacation Hair Essentials

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These essentials are all you need.

Bobble Hair Ties

I think I may very well be the last person to get on the bobble hair tie trend. I picked up a package of these metallic hair ties in a small boutique on the Cape after my one and only hair tie snapped as I was throwing my hair up into a bun before the beach. Poor planning on my part, I know. These hair ties are famous for not leaving that dreaded ponytail crease on your hair while simultaneously actually holding your strands up. These were a lifesaver on the hotter days and they looked cute sitting on my wrist when I wanted to take my hair down.

Heat Protectant

If you only pack one hair product for your vacation, let it be TRESemmé Frizz Protect Hair Spray. This heat protectant will keep your hair safe from harsh sun rays and give your strands a boost of moisture.


Finally, you’ll want to stash a few headbands in your suitcase. This trendy hair accessory and vacation hair essential will give any outfit an instant upgrade. Taking a capsule wardrobe approach to your packing and opting for items that serve multiple purposes can leave you feeling bored midway through your trip. By packing a headband or a trendy hair accessory, you can easily change up a simple outfit to be a bit more interesting.

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