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This Ethereal Dreamy Hairstyle Is Ideal for a Late Summer Wedding

Rule of thumb: you can't go wrong with baby's breath.

Late summer weddings always hold a certain kind of magic. Long days make way for longer evenings and there’s nothing like a sparkling night of celebrating love to serve as the grand finale to a summer of good times. This dreamy hairstyle is giving us all the late summer wedding vibes. Ethereal without being over-the-top, this dreamy hairstyle is delicate and trendy. And it remains classic enough to stand the test of time!

This Dreamy Hairstyle Is Wedding Perfection

dreamy summer wedding hair brunette blonde updo
This hairstyle is what wedding dreams are made of.

You may feel like flower crowns are overdone and out of style. However, baby’s breath gives a new spin to this classic style. For instance, when I’m standing at a corner market in front of a sea of flowers, I always go for baby’s breath. Long-lasting and simple enough to match any decor, what’s usually known as a filler flower can always serve as a standalone bouquet. Talk to your florist about creating a flower crown made up solely of baby’s breath. When you pair it with a simple updo, this ethereal hairstyle is what wedding dreams are made of.

The key to creating a style as sleek and smooth as this one is all in the styling. Have your hairstylist create a smooth updo. Then set the look in place with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Smooth Hold Level 2.

Finally, this easy style is simple enough to complement your wedding day look without taking over completely. A smooth updo serves as the perfect base for a baby’s breath flower crown. You can wear it just for the ceremony, only on the dance floor during the reception, or the whole night long. You really can’t go wrong with this dreamy hairstyle!


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