Why a Smoothness Booster Should Be In Your Hair Routine

The boost your arsenal needs.

As the seasons change, so do the behaviors of different hair types. My hair type, which is naturally curly, is dry all year round. For this reason, my routine consists of products that add moisture back into my hair. While this is good and all, too much moisture also leads to issues like frizz if I’m not careful. Therefore, I started to use a smoothness booster to help me take control of frizz especially as I’m taking advantage of wearing my hair straight all fall and winter long.

What is a smoothness booster, you ask? Head down below to get the details:

What is a smoothness booster?

The name smooth booster actually comes from the TIGI Copyright Custom Care Smooth Booster treatment. This product was designed to replenish the lipids lost from the cuticle through heat styling. This genius treatment seals in moisture. As I stated earlier, I’ve been wearing my hair straight, so I definitely need this to help me replenish any lost moisture from blow-drying and flat ironing my natural hair every two weeks. The formula of this smoothness booster is infused with bamboo extract, which helps provides anti-humidity and frizz-fighting benefits.

Who should use a smoothness booster treatment?

Anyone that feels their hair needs a treatment to help retain moisture, as well as those need to calm some frizz, can benefit from it. Also, I’d like to add that this treatment is quick and very easy to use at home. Apply a few pumps after shampooing and rinsing out TIGI Copyright Custom Care Moisture Shampoo, and leave it on your hair for about five minutes. Follow up with TIGI Copyright Custom Care Moisture Conditioner and style your hair as usual.

smooth booster: straight natural hair
Not a strand of frizz in sight.

My thoughts on using this product:

I’ve used this treatment twice already and I love how soft it makes my hair feel during application. Once I rinse it out, my hair is left shiny and easy to detangle. After styling with my flat iron, there is a natural looking sheen on my hair and in my personal experience, my hair takes a lot longer to frizz out when the weather changes.

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