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Check Out the Slick Fall Style We Have Been Loving

You're gonna need lots of hair gel for this one.

This Fall get out of the comfort zone of loose waves and low buns and try something daring! While we love those styles, it never hurts to rock a look that’s edgy and fashion forward. We’ve been seeing lots of hairstyles on the runway recently with gel for a glass effect. Now it’s finally hitting the streets too. The slick fall style we’ve been loving uses almost the whole tube of gel to make it look like you are just naturally slick and sleek. Aside from the gel factor, this look is unique because it focuses majority of the gel on the top of your head and leaves a lot of hair in front of your ear. Check out this slick fall style and see if it’s for you!

Give Your Look an Edge with this Slick Fall Style

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Don’t be afraid to use a lot of hair gel! Photo credit:

How to get the look

If we hadn’t already made it clear, you’re going to need hair gel to create this style, lots of it. Use a gel like TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel, it will hold this style in any weather and keep it looking shiny and slick all day long.

Focus majority of the gel on top of your head and leave your ends dry. Use a comb to brush back your hair to get the slick effect. Once you’ve gotten your hair combed back to your liking, continue layering gel on top of your head. Make sure you don’t comb the gel all the way down your strands. You want the heaviest saturation to stay on top.

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Leave some hair in front of your ears to add to the style. Photo credit:

If you want to go all the way with this slick Fall style, then make sure to leave a large portion of hair in front of your ears. Apply a little bit of gel to the tops of those sections so that they remain in one piece and don’t move away from the front of your ears.

Even though you want your ends to remain dry, that doesn’t mean you can’t give them some high shine to match the mirror effect on top. Spray some Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray throughout your strands to keep them shiny and in place. Give the top of your head a good spray as well to add another layer of hold to your style.

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