Grow Out Your Bangs: Hairstyles to Get You Through the Process

Make growing out your fringe a whole lot more stylish!

The one question all fringe fanatics face at one time or another: do I grow out my bangs or keep trimming them? When you decide to grow out your bangs, it seems like an excellent idea at first, until you’re about four months into the process and all your bangs do is flop awkwardly in your face. Lucky for you, we have your back! Keep scrolling to check out our favorite hairstyles that will get your bangs through the growing process.

braided bangs
Keep bangs out of your face with a baby braid.

1. Try a baby braid.

Here’s a little secret: braids will be your best friend throughout this process. Use this baby braid to ensure your bangs stay out of your face all day! Start by brushing your bangs forward and sectioning them into three pieces on one side of your forehead. Begin your French braid moving across your forehead, but only add in your bangs. After you’ve completed the braid, either tie it off with a clear elastic or use two bobby pins to secure loose ends. Finish off the braid with a quick spritz of Suave Max Hold Aerosol Hairspray to tame any flyaways or stray hair.

Use hair clips to keep bangs out of your face.
Hair clips can truly solve all problems.

2. Clip bangs away.

If you’re having a bad hair day, there’s a 90 percent chance a couple hair clips can save the day. Good thing this useful hair accessory is all the rage right now. Create a side part, brush your fringe back towards the side of your head, and secure with a few hair clips. You know,  it seems pretty impossible to grow out your bangs with out this accessory. How did we do it before?

Headband to keep hair out of face.
Keep your bangs out of your face with a printed headband.

3. Use the headband hack.

Whether you want to wear a cute hair accessory or you just need to keep your hair out of your face, a headband is an amazing option for that! Opt for a thick knotted one for for maximum hold. Just like stylish hair clips, headbands will be your saving grace while you grow out your bangs.

Slicked back hairstyle.
Slick back your hair to tame fringe.

4. Slick it all back.

It’s a good thing many of the trendy hairstyles today involve keeping your hair out of your face. I mean, there couldn’t be a better time to grow out your bangs. If you’re not feeling an accessory or braid, slick your bangs back! All you will need is TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel and a comb.

Start by combing all of your hair towards the back of your head. Next, apply gel to hold hair in place. Simply, comb through your hair once more to evenly distribute the product. While combing through the gel, make sure to keep the product near your roots. You still want the mid shaft and ends of your hair to be moveable. If you want to achieve a super sleek look, flat iron your hair before slicking it back with the gel!