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Two Textures, One Look: Why We Love the Gel to Dry Hairstyle

Now you *don't* have to decide between either.

When it comes to most hairstyles, many people get caught up in using just one hero product to create one texture throughout the style. This technique makes sense: focus on just gel for a slick look, or use a ton of texturizing spray for something messier. While we love these styles on their own, we have started loving them even more when they’re combined! The gel to dry style combines both a sleek look with a dry and voluminous finish, kind of like a brushed-out technique. This style focuses on a gelled root that transitions into an un-gelled lower half that’s textured and a little messy. Try this style out for a night out or a fun event you have coming up. It’s chic and perfect for any special occasion. Keep reading to learn how to achieve this look and which products are best for these finishes:

Experiment with Texture with a Gel to Dry Hairstyle

gel to dry short style
Don’t overdo the hair gel or the transition won’t be smooth. Photo credit:

Start with a Hair Gel

The first part of creating this look is focusing on gelling the root of your hair. Take a comb or a brush and disperse a small amount of gel from the top of your head to about halfway down your strands. It’s important not to go overboard with the gel since it’s a gel to dry look and you want to be able to see this transition clearly. Make sure the gel is evenly spread throughout your hair and use the non-toothed end of your comb to create a smooth finish to the look without having bristle marks. We recommend using the TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Gel to create this gel to dry style.

gel to dry use hairspray
Make sure to use a texture or hairspray on the ends of your strands. Photo Credit:

Add a Texture Finish Spray

Once you’ve got the gel under control, it’s time to give your dry ends some texture and flair. Go in with a butane spray to create a piece-y and chaotic finish. TRESemmé Dry Texture Finishing Spray will give your strands body and a cool beachy texture. If you want to amp up the look even more, tease your ends.

Finish with Hairspray

Lock in both of these textures with some hairspray. TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend Hold Level 4 will keep the gel to dry look in place all day and won’t compromise all the work you did with the gel and texture finish spray.



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