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This New Clean Beauty Buy Has a Permanent Place in My Beauty Arsenal

This is the product that convinced me to give clean beauty a shot.

It has been well-documented that dry shampoo is my one and only when it comes to beauty products. I take spreading awareness about dry shampoo very seriously. So much so that I’ve had friends tell me that they think of me every time they use their own! That being said, I’m pretty selective with which brands of dry shampoo I use. Dove and TRESemmé are my holy grail hair care lines and it takes a lot to get me to try something new in the dry shampoo department.

That’s why I tried this new clean beauty buy with some trepidation, unsure if it would live up to my expectations. Spoiler alert: it did!

My New Favorite Clean Beauty Buy

A quick review for those of you who have yet to be converted: Dry shampoo is a relatively recent addition to the hair care world. An almost powdery mist that’s typically freshly scented, dry shampoo absorbs the oil in your hair that sits close to your scalp. It allows you to refresh and revive your hair and extend the time in between washes. The best dry shampoos will also give your roots some volume!

Love Beauty and Planet Rosehip & Patchouli Extend Dry Shampoo is the ultimate planet-friendly clean beauty option. Blended with Rosehip and Patchouli, this dry shampoo is cruelty-free, silicone-free, dye-free, and free of phthalates. I was pretty skeptical about using a dry shampoo that’s free of so many ingredients. Would it actually do anything for my hair?

It turns out, the answer is yes. This dry shampoo works just as well as its less ingredient-minded counterparts. Mist it onto your roots from about 8-12 inches away from your head. Then use your fingers to massage the product in. It will absorb oil and even add some subtle volume!

I am far from converted to an entire clean beauty routine, but I’m definitely more open to what the clean beauty industry has to offer!

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