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Your Natural Hair Guide to Taming Edges

The basic steps you need to know. 

We honestly haven’t come across a natural-haired girl that didn’t admire sleek, laid edges, whether it’s their own or someone else’s. Messy edges on a sleek bun style just don’t cut it unless that’s the look you’re after—and we don’t knock it. However, there’s something very stylish about having your baby hair laid down. Taming edges on your own is a really simple routine to do.

Below, we created a quick guide for taming edges in the comfort of your own home. Read on to find out our easy tips and to get inspired:

Taming Edges: Quick Tips for Natural Hair

1. Use strong-hold gel products.

In order for your edges, or baby hairs to stay in place, use a gel, like Emerge Style Goals Gel, to smooth hair in place. This gel has a strong hold to create styles like sleek buns, ponytails and more. You can also use Bed Head by TIGI Stick!

2. Use a toothbrush for combing.

Until we come across a teeny-tiny brush perfect for taming edges, just about every naturalista grabs an unused toothbrush to help her refine and define her edges. The small bristles on a toothbrush are gentle enough to brush the fine hair around your hairline with minimal damage. Brush hair in place using a toothbrush after applying your gel products.

taming edges
An unused toothbrush is perfect for defining those edges.

3. Silk scarves help with the process.

If you need to have your edges tamed in a short span of time, one of the best ways to hack your way through the routine is to use a silk scarf. After you’ve applied your styler and brushed your hair down, wrap your head with a silk scarf to help keep hair in place. Don’t worry if you need more time, you can totally wear your scarf as a hairstyle too!

4. Try sleek styles.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of how to tame your own edges, or lay down your baby hair, try different sleek styles on your hair. You can do a simple updo like above or mix it up with braided styles and more. Add more shine to look with a shine spray like Bed Head By TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray.

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