51 Stylish Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Black Women

Check out these awesome trends and ideas for your short hair.

There are plenty of short hairstyles for black women that work for various occasions. Short hair is perfect for any season. There’s something about the ease of styling shorter hair that not only frees up your time but also makes a statement about the effortlessness of your look. Whether you have relaxed or natural hair, check out these short hairstyles for black women we’re loving right now:

1. Closely Shaven Hair

short hairstyles for black women: shaved short
This particular short style is all kinds of chic. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

One way to showcase your favorite shade of lipstick for the fall is to go short enough on your hair to let the rest of your look do the talking. Closely shaven short hairstyles for black women somehow succeeds at making a statement while still letting the rest of your look take center stage. Closely cropped natural curls? Even better.

2. Halo Afro

short hairstyles for black women: halo afro
A halo-style afro is a perfect hairstyle to try for fall.

A little extra volume never hurt anyone. Now that the cooler months are approaching and we’re saying goodbye to the humidity, letting your natural hair grow out a little is no longer a recipe for disaster.  A few pumps of Love Beauty and Planet Smooth and Serene Argan Oil & Lavender Leave-In Smoothie Cream is perfect for taming unwanted frizz. Bonus: It leaves your hair smelling amazing.

3. Mini Afro

short hairstyles for black women: afro
A mini afro is a definitive yes for black women. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

This black short hair look is the three-months-down-the-line sister of the closely shaven haircut featured above. Just as chic but a little softer, it’s the haircut-free change of pace you might be craving a few months later. A drop or two of Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil is the best way to tame any frizzy ends. 

4. Asymmetrical Haircut

short hairstyles for black hair: pixie
Off balance might be the edge you need. Photo credit: Dvora

By far the most daring and bold short black hairstyles of all of these options, the asymmetrical haircut is the edgy way to rock a classy short hairstyle. Styling it takes nothing more than wrapping a few strands around your curling iron and a dab or two of gel to keep things locked in place. 

5. Pretty Pixie

short hairstyles for black women: black pixie
Longer layers at the front give this look a more feminine touch.

A sophisticated yet bouncy pixie is a cool, understated way to peacock your recently-relaxed strands. Ask for some longer layers in the front so you can sweep them to the side while backcombing the crown, creating a cute, mini-beehive effect.

6. Cropped Pixie

short hairstyles for black women: cropped pixie
Killer bone structure? Show it off with a fashion-forward (and super light-wearing) haircut. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Those who aren’t afraid of showing off stunning features shouldn’t shy away from a close-cropped pixie cut. Whether your strands are fully relaxed or retain some texture, the most enticing length is one that tapers at your neck.

7. Neat and Natural, a.k.a. the TWA (“Teeny Weeny Afro”)

short hairstyles for black women: twa
The TWA: For no-nonsense, natural girlbosses everywhere. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

If you’re a gal who wants to K.I.S.S.—keep it short and sweet—a cropped length of your natural tresses gets your point across. This look is particularly flattering for the low-maintenance yet ambitious #girlboss who loves her natural texture but also wants something simpler and more manageable than a full-on ’fro.

8. Ringlet Bob

short hairstyles for black women: ringlet bob
Tight, cherubic ringlets on a short bob put delicate features on spotlight. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Don’t shy away from ringlets with your texture and embrace those rollers. Ask your stylist for a feminine bob near your chin and maybe even some peek-a-boo bangs or highlights to further soften the look.

9. Fierce Mini-Pomp

short hairstyles for black women
Perfect for that fuzzy fur hoodie. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A lob easily becomes a video-vixen-worthy style with some attitude (and mini-hawk hair) up top. Create a small pompadour with your bangs using some non-stick yet 24-hour-hold gel like TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel, a blow-dryer and comb your hair back.

10. Spiky Pixie

short hairstyles for black women: spiky pixie
Shine-enhancing, firm-hold gel is absolutely clutch for a spiky hairdo. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

The messier, the prettier—a spiky, choppy pixie puts gorgeous eyes at the forefront and can easily transition from day to night. Short styles like these are susceptible to frizz due to its length, so feel free to play around with anti-frizz products with hold, such as Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Matte Cream, and highlight your favorite features.

11. Tousled Bob

short hairstyles for black women: tousled bob
Give yourself some vintage lovin’ with loose finger waves swept to one side. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A playful, layered bob comes to the fore when rendered with some texture. Black women with relaxed or wavy hair work this style best, and all that is needed is a small drop of mousse and a flat iron to create those irresistible vintage waves.

12. Volumized Boy Cut

short hairstyles for black women: volumized boy cut
Curl cream and a diffuser and you’re done! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Full, thick, curly strands have a lot of grip and can hold a lift really well. After washing your hair, dry with a diffuser so your ringlets stay intact. Similar to a long pixie, these have longer lengths at the crown which can be blown back and pumped up, then combed at an angle for a sophisticated take on a cropped ’do. Or, for an even more fun version: ringlets!

13. Short Halo Afro

short hairstyles for black women: short afro
Show off your style with a short ‘fro.

Short hairstyles for black women like afros are a popular style to try. If you are growing out a super short cropped style, or want a more manageable shorter ‘do, try this length.

14. Modern Waves

short hairstyles for black women
The wavy effect.

We love asymmetrical pixie cuts because they give you so much more room to play. Keeping the top extra long and rocking with an undercut gives this cut extra edge. Style the top into modern Marcel waves for added cool factor. Either use a curling iron to set loose waves or use a gel and shape with your fingers.

15. Double Dutch Braids

short hairstyles for black women boxer braids
Dutch pigtails or boxer braids are a nifty updo of choice for shorter natural hair. Photo credit: Dvora

Box braids or double dutch braids are great short hairstyles for black women styles and a great way to keep your shorter, natural hair, tied back in style. All you need to do is part your hair down the middle and braid back each side. Dutch braids and boxer braids use the same technique as a three-strand cornrow braid. Instead of braiding on top, braid underneath. Secure at the bottom with a tiny hair tie.

16. Wavy Dreadlocks

short hairstyles for black women: wavy dreadlocks
Adding waves to your locs adds lots of volume and style.

Shake up more traditional short hairstyles for black women with locs. Dampen your hair with water so the waves can set as it dries or wrap your dreads around a curling wand to create the waves. Taking either three or six dreadlocks do a simple three-strand braid all the way down and secure with a hair tie. Repeat this until all of your locs have been braided. Once they dry unbraid for perfect waves.

17. Pineapple Hair

short hairstyles for black women: pineapple
Chic pineapple pony.

We love short natural hairstyles like this for getting your hair off your neck and showing off your crazy gorgeous curls! Pineapple hair is a favorite style because you can wear it as is or accessorize for more fun. Tie a bandana to make a headband for a retro look. Follow this tutorial to re-create this pineapple updo at home.

18. Braided Ponytail

short hairstyles for black women: braided ponytail
Braid your ponytail up into an updo.

Add some oomph to boring short hairstyles for black women like ponytails with braided accents. Separate the front section of your hair with a part down the middle. Just Dutch braid each section all the way back and secure with a hair tie. Gather the rest of your hair and tie back into a ponytail.

19. Mini Blonde ‘Fro

How to wear easy styles for short natural hair
Tiny ‘fros are always chic.

Just because you’re keeping your texture natural doesn’t mean you need to keep your color natural too. We’re a bit in love with blonde afros. Going for a short crop means much less time under the bleach, which, trust us is a game-changer.

20. Itty Bitty Ponytail

How to wear easy styles for short natural hair
A cute curly ponytail. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

If your hair is a bit longer, you can go for the mini ponytail, or punytail as we like to call it. Tight curls look extra great in a high ponytail. You can tweak how your curls lie by tugging out individual curlicues. We always like to even out short ponytails with hair accessories. It makes sure that your style is more well rounded if you can’t always see your ponytail straight on.

21. Perfectly Defined Curls

How to wear easy styles for short natural hair: Perfectly Defined Curls
The best curls you ever did see. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Can we get a big round of applause for the perfection of these curls? Paired up with a center part, these corkscrew curls are incredibly chic. You can achieve this look by following our tutorial for curling your hair with flexi-rods. When you take out your curls in the morning, you’ll need to revive your curls a bit. We recommend spraying some of the Nexxus New York Salon Care Humectress Luxe Lightweight Conditioning Mist throughout your hair and you’ll be good to go.

22. Tiny Coils

How to wear easy styles for short natural hair: tiny coils
Miniature coils to rock on your natural hair. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

For some seriously tiny coils, you’ll need to use those tiny foam rollers you can find in most drugstores. To get this look, you’ll need to seek out the smallest size available. You can set your hair in the same way as the flexi-rods tutorial above, using the much skinnier foam rollers instead. This gives you that cool coiled and wavy look when you take out the rollers the next morning. Fluff them up and rock that curly ‘do.

23. Bob Cut Dreads

easy styles for short natural hair: dreadlocks
Short dreadlocks are gorgeous.

You don’t need to wear curly short hair if you don’t want to! You can also go for dreadlocks, if you want to keep it natural. We love short dreadlocks on women, they’re cute and versatile. Just make sure you keep your little locs hydrated and healthy by applying hair oils to your hair.

24. Super Shiny Pineapple ‘Do

easy styles for short natural hair: curly top
Embrace your curls with this cute style. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

We’ve always been big fans of embracing your curls, especially with this wet-look inspired ‘do.

25. Taper Fade with Natural Curls

short hairstyles for black women tape fade with natural curls
Double dip on trends.

Show off your natural curls and keep your cut cropped and cool on the sides!

26. Short Weave Hairstyle

short hairstyles for black women short weave hairstyle
Consider a shorter cut.

Many women head straight for a longer length when it comes to their weaves. We love this short alternative for a change of pace.

27. Short Twists

short hairstyles for black women short twists
This is one of the most low maintenance protective styles.

This low maintenance style doesn’t take too long to create and the upkeep is super minimal!

28. Layered Bob

short hairstyles for black women layered bob
This style is a new perspective on a classic bob.

Add some easy volume to your bob by opting for a layered alternative.

29. Extra Short Tapered Cut

short hairstyles for black women extra short tapered cut
Keep it short and cool.

This extra short style is ideal for staying cool in the warmer months but works just as well in the winter, too!

30. Bob with Bangs

short hairstyles for black women bob with bangs
We love this length on natural hair.

We love all the personality wrapped up in a style that features bangs with curly hair.

31. Blonde Pixie Cut

short hairstyles for black women blonde pixie cut
This icy blonde hue really pops.

We can’t get enough of this icy blonde hue.

32. Voluminous Pixie

short hairstyles for black women voluminous pixie
We love a shorter cut with natural curls.

Show off your natural texture with a super voluminous pixie.

33. Temple Shave Pixie

short hairstyles for black women temple shave pixie
There’s something undeniably cool about a temple shave.

The temple shave is perhaps the coolest addition to a style of any length. We love how it pairs with a slightly longer pixie!

34. Straight Layered Pixie

short hairstyles for black women straight layered pixie
Jagged layers work together to create this short layered style.

These jagged layers blend together perfectly to create a smoothly layered style.

35. Angled Bob

short hairstyles for black women angled bob
Try a look that’s longer in the front and shorter in the back.

This angled bob is shorter in the back and longer in the front. It gives you that asymmetrical look that’s both edgy and sharp.

36. Sideswept Pixie

short hairstyles for black women sideswept pixie
Swoop your short layers to the side.

Sweep your pixie over to one side for a super laidback look.

37. Side Parted Style with Curls

short hairstyles for black women side parted style with curls
A side part adds more drama to any style.

Add instant drama to your look with the addition of a side part!

38. Side Parted Pixie

short hairstyles for black women side parted pixie
Add a hard part to a chic pixie for a look that’s equal parts edgy and chic.

A sharp hard part takes a basic pixie to edgier levels.

39. Short Ringlets

short hairstyles for black women short ringlets
Keep your curls short and bouncy.

The shorter your ringlets are, the more bounce they’ll have.

40. Copper Curls

short hairstyles for black women copper curls
Add a copper sheen to your curls!

Lighten up by including scattered copper curls into your strands.

41. Ringlet Afro

short hairstyles for black women ringlet afro
You can’t go wrong with a classic ‘fro.

Add some drama to your curls by going all in with a ringlet afro.

42. Pinned Up Curls

short hairstyles for black women pinned up curls
Gather your curls and pin them up and out of your face.

Pinned up curls keep your hair out of your face while simultaneously showing off your gorgeous unique texture.

43. Mohawk

short hairstyles for black women mohawk
This style is all kinds of edgy and cool.

Blonde highlights take a typical mohawk to newer and trendier levels.

44. Mini Afro

short hairstyles for black women mini afro
Embrace your curls.

Show off your curls with a low maintenance mini afro.

45. Half Up Dreadlocks

short hairstyles for black women half up dreadlocks
There’s a half up style variation for every type and texture.

A half up style is the quickest way to look like you put effort into your hair in about 5 seconds.

46. Glamorous Bob

short hairstyles for black women glamorous bob
This glossy bob is all kinds of glamorous.

Amp up with the glam with a super glossy bob.

47. Cropped Natural Curls

short hairstyles for black women cropped natural curls
Keep ’em cropped and cute.

This look is ideal for women who want to show off their texture without sacrificing convenience and easy styling!

48. Choppy Crop with Bangsshort hairstyles for black women choppy crop with bangs

Choppy layers add major texture to any style.Subtle layers give your style some added texture and definition without forcing you into a dramatic haircut.

49. Buzz Cut

short hairstyles for black women buzz cut
Buzz it off for the edgiest style you’ll ever have.

This look proves that buzz cut season is all year round.

50. Blowout

short hairstyles for black women blowout
This polished and proper style gives your hair a whole different vibe.

Swap out your curls for a slightly more subdued style.

51. Beach Wave Bob

short hairstyles for black women beach wave bob
Give your bob some subtle texture.

A little bit of texture makes a major statement with this beach wave bob.


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