Big Curly Afro: 5 Different Ways to Sport This Popular Look

Major 'fro goals ahead.

We’re constantly singing praises for the versatility of natural hair. For the lucky women born with this awesome texture, or for those that are thinking of transitioning from relaxed to natural, it’s only right to highlight the benefits of making the change or inspiring you to try out new hairstyles. And for right now, we’re talking all about styling a big curly afro! This is a sought-after hairstyle amongst the natural hair community that works for any curl pattern.

Read on as we discuss some easy ways to style a big curly afro. Wear it loud and proud!

1. The Full-On Big Curly Afro

big curly afro: woman with big picked out afro
Go big or go home. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

This is by far one of the most popular ways to style natural hair, whether it’s on a teeny-weeny afro or a longer version. When curls are combed out from naturally curly hair, they create a fuller, ’fro-like texture. Try your hand at the look by gently combing out your curls with an afro pick or a detangling brush. As you comb, try to create the shape you want on your hair. For more volume, focus on combing and lifting at the roots.

2. The Ringlet ’Fro

big curly afro: ringlets
Get the look with a roller set or with flexi-rods.

No matter what curl pattern you have, you can achieve this big curly afro style with the help of a styling tool. You can use flexi-rods or a curling iron to create drop curls or ringlets. Once you have your curls, separate each to create a fuller effect. Complete the look by using a volume spray, like TIGI Copyright Custom Complete Volume Finishing Spray, to add instant lift and touchable hold to your style.

3. Big Curly Afro With Bantu Knots

big curly afro bantu knots
Add Bantu knots to your afro to make it stand out.

Adding Bantu knots into your afro is a great way to switch up your typical style. To create this style, section off pieces of hair on the side of your head, begin coiling the pieces, and then wrap them around themself like you’re creating a bun. If needed, you can use a hair elastic to hold the knot in place.

4. Blow-Dried Big Curly Afro

big curly afro blow dried
Photo of cheerful curly girl with positive emotions

Your big afro style can also be achieved on freshly washed hair. After your wash routine, apply a leave-in conditioner, like Suave Professionals Nourish & Strengthen Leave-in Conditioner, then gently comb through. Use a blowdryer with a comb attachment if you desire a straighter finish on your style. If you want a bit of curl to your texture, use the diffuser attachment instead. In the event you want a bit more volume and length, add the comb attachment and focus on stretching your roots.

Editor’s tip: If you don’t have a comb attachment on hand, use a brush instead.

5. Accessorize Your Afro

natural hair shrinkage
Embrace your afro.

If you’re looking to do something more unique with your afro, try accessorizing it! Use flowers to add color and interest.

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