Waves For Days: 11 Hairstyles For Long Wavy Hair

Show off your long wavy hair in these playful styles.

This year, we’re all about the long wavy hairstyles. These effortlessly chic waves give your hair all the body and fullness you can ask for without needing the overbearing care of classic curls. We’re all for letting our waves flow free, and what better way to do that than in these stylish looks? These hairstyles are some of our favorite looks of the year, and we can’t wait to rock our waves in these looks. If you’re in need of some fresh new styles, then give one of our favorite hairstyles for long wavy hair a try.

long wavy hairstyles tight waves
These tight waves will give you volume and body.

1. Tight Waves

For a more voluminous style, try creating tight waves. They have the body and fullness of a curl, but are loose and dainty enough to be considered waves. To give your locks an extra boost of volume, use Nexxus Exxpand+ Volumizing Whip when styling.

long wavy hairstyles glossy
Get the glossed look.

2. Glossy

Take your long wavy hairstyles to the next level by giving them a dose of sheen. To create a glossier appearance, use Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum.

long wavy hairstyles ponytail
Keep your waves in check by putting it in a ponytail

3. Ponytail

In a rush and need something simply stylish? This wavy ponytail is your answer!

long wavy hairstyles bed head
Create the effortlessly cool bed head look.

4. Bed Head

Try out this messy look to create some chill, easy-going vibes.

long wavy hairstyles retro
This blast from the past is making a comeback.

5. Retro Waves

This vintage look is a classic that will never go out of style.

long wavy hairstyles side swept
These side swept waves are perfect for creating glamorous looks.

6. Side Swept Waves

Looking for some long wavy hairstyles that will pump up the volume? This side swept look will do just the trick.

long wavy hairstyles textured
Give your wavy hairstyles for long hair some texture.

7. Textured

Give your hair some attitude by adding some texture. Give your long wavy hairstyles a bit of texture by using Bed Head by TIGI Stick.

long wavy hairstyles classic
A classic look for a classic girl.

8. Classic Waves

This subtle and simple look is perfect for any day-to-day style. It’s our top look for just about any daytime event!

long wavy hairstyles tussled
Lightly tussle your waves for a laidback style.

9. Tousled

Give your long wavy hairstyles some volume by tussling and teasing your locks. Make your style fuller and flattering while controlling frizz by using TRESemme Beauty-Full Flexible Finish Hairspray.

long wavy hairstyles two toned
Dark roots and light ends accentuate your waves.

10. Two Toned

Get the best of both worlds while making your waves stand out by creating dark roots and light ends.

long wavy hairstyles bangs
Play up your waves with some cool bangs.

11. Bangs

Create a bangin’ style by creating some bangs to pair with your long wavy hairstyles.