14 Hippie Hairstyles You’ll Love and Peace Out this Fall

Fun and modern hippie hairstyle ideas to try.

Hippie hairstyles are the old-school way of referring to all the festival hairstyles you’ve been noticing on your Instagram feed lately. Flowers, braids, colorful strands, and trendy hats all fall under the category of hippie hairstyles. Looking for some festival hair inspiration to influence your summer look? We’ve got you covered:

14 Hippie Hairstyles to Try

From flower accessories to colorful ombré strands, check out hippie hairstyles you can start sporting now.

1. Flowers and ‘Fro

hippie hairstyles flowers and 'fro
Flower power!

How easy is this style? Pick out your afro to the height that you desire, and then place fresh blooms in your hair. Use fresh flowers to help you create the ultimate hippie hairstyle with your fro.

2. Toss on a Hat

hippie hairstyles hat
Add a hat and boom! Instant hippie hairstyle. credit: Indigitalimages.com

Floppy hats turn just about any hairstyle into a hippie hairstyle. Hats are also great for covering up second or third-day hair that can tend to feel a little greasy. A gorgeous oversized hat is the perfect way to spice up your boho look.

3. Color It

hippie hairstyles creative color afro
Pick a color that matches your mood.Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Find a color that makes you happy, and go! Create your own hair color rules with a color that speaks to you and your personality.

4. Ombré It

hippie hairstyles ombre braid
Fasten those pastel ombre shades into a braid: two trends in one style. Photo credit: Dvora

Consider a look that features business up front and a creative colored ombré braid in the back. This hippie-style hair coloring looks especially great when worn in loose waves once unraveled from the braid.

5. Curtain Bangs

hippie hairstyles curtain bangs
Try flirty bangs.

Hippie hairstyles are known for their “undone” style. Long curtain bangs add to the messy chic style. Take these bangs up a notch with a gorgeous layered cut for the ultimate boho-chic and hippie look.

6. Unicorn Braid

hippie hairstyles unicorn braid.
Mix a unicorn braid with a ponytail.

Create a single unicorn braid and a pony style, or create two or more unicorn braids for a more dramatic look. If you would like to dress up this look more depending on the occasion, then wear this pony in a braided bun!

7. Waves and Braids

hippie hairstyles waves and braid
Create waves.

Create a micro braid that works as a headband. Don’t have wavy, curly hair but still want to try this style? When hair is wet, use Bed Head By Tigi Foxy Curls Mousse, then create many tiny micro braids. When your hair is dry, unbraid your hair, run your fingers through your hair, and go!

8. Loose Dreads

hippy hairstyles dreadlocks
Hippie happy hair.

Unfortunately, you can’t do this look overnight, as it takes time for dreadlocks to grow, but you can wear faux dreadlocks if you want the look now. Before styling your hair into a protective style like this, you can treat your strands with oil, like For Every Hair Type Revitalizing Hair Oil to help protect your hair from breakage and frizz!

9. Straighten It

hippie hairstyles straight hair
Middle part? Check? Straight hair? Check? Hippie hairstyle? Yaaas!

One of the classic hippie hairstyles is straight hair with a middle part. If your hair isn’t naturally straight, a flat iron can help you out. However, make sure to use a heat protectant while straightening your hair. We love TRESemmé Thermal Heat Tamer Spray.

10. Fishtails

hippie hairstyles and fishtail braids
Flower crowns and braids so hippie!

Show off your braiding skills with a flattened fishtail braid, and then top it with a flower crown. Don’t know how to create a fishtail? Don’t worry!

11. Messy Pony

hippie hairstyle messy low pony
You don’t have to have the perfect hair for a hippie hairstyle–messy is better!

Create a low pony with an undone-done face-framing messy look. If you’re working with 3rd or 4th-day hair, use Dove Volume And Fullness Dry Shampoo for added volume.

12. Bead It

hippie hairstyles box braids and beads
Shine on with beads.

Hippie hairstyles are all about showing off your personal style. Add a few beads to your box braids for extra flair. Another great way to spice up this look is with box braid cuffs as pictured above.

13. Space Buns

hippie hairstyles space buns
Wear them anywhere.

The beauty of space buns is that they can be worn by any hair type! We also love how this is a great style to emphasize any bold hues in your hair.

14. Two Braids Down the Back

hippie hairstyles two braids.
Two can be more fun than one.

Create two French or Double Dutch braids that start at the crown and extend down the back of your head for a true hippie style.

Whether you’re trying half-up Dutch braids or taking the plunge and trying out vibrant hair color, hippie hairstyles are such a fun way to try unique styles–perfect for any festival look.

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