10 Vibrant Hair Color Ideas to Try Using Vegan Hair Dye

Thinking about trying vegan hair dye? Get inspired by 10 vibrant hair color styles here.

Here at All Things Hair, we are constantly inspired by those who remain committed to vegan beauty routines. By opting for products that are safer for our bodies, for animals, and often for the planet, conscious consumers are changing the beauty landscape and creating a safer environment for all. In honor of Vegan Awareness Month, we are breaking down the details of what ingredients are present in vegan hair dye and how they can positively affect your strands. After that, read on to get inspired by 10 vibrant hair color ideas to consider.

Vegan hair dyes use plant-based ingredients to help you achieve your hair color goals. Rather than the harsh chemicals found in typical hair dyes, vegan alternatives offer gentler ingredients that still yield vibrant color results.

Vegan Hair Dye: Alternative Ingredients

Using ingredients like henna, carmine, cocoa, among others, vegan hair dye delivers long-lasting color as well as your favorite standard hair dyes. These hair dyes also often incorporate nourishing natural ingredients like cocoa butter and aloe vera to deliver moisture and hydration to your hair throughout the process.

vegan hair dye
More and more consumers are set on purchasing cruelty-free products.

Sustainability Comes First

Vegan hair dyes are most often more sustainably sourced and promise a cruelty-free development process. A growing number of consumers are dedicated to buying hair products that are cruelty-free and sustainable. In an All Things Hair survey, 56.33% of people said that cruelty-free products are very important to them and 29.78% said it’s somewhat important.

vegan hair dye
Interest in sustainable hair care is on the rise.

In the same survey, 46.40% of people said that it’s very important to them that their hair care products have been made sustainably. Conscious consumerism is only increasing and vegan hair dye accounts for a large percentage of the hair care category when it comes to a desire for sustainable and cruelty-free alternatives.

In honor of Vegan Awareness Month, we have created a collection of 10 vibrant hair color ideas to try using vegan hair dye. We just know these looks will inspire you to make the most of these alternative hair dye options.

1. Teal Streaks

vegan hair dye teal
This color choice is subtle yet impactful.

Create a cohesive look on dark strands by opting for deep teal streaks throughout your hair. This trendy and vibrant shade of teal is ideal for the cooler months and gives your hair a subtle impact that’s not over-the-top yet still makes a statement.

2. Classic Red

vegan hair dye red
This classic red hue can be achieved with the right hair dye.

Not all hair dye options have to be technicolor, and this classic red color is proof! Ask your stylist about this natural-looking shade of classic red hair color and consider a vegan hair dye to get the job done.

Keep your color vibrant by avoiding over-washing your strands and instead consider the vegan and cruelty-free Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo uses tapioca starch to absorb oil and leave your strands feeling refreshed.

3. Rainbow Strands

vegan hair dye rainbow
Go for a multi-colored look.

Why settle for one color when you can include them all? This rainbow-infused look is not for the faint of heart. Consider this rainbow hairstyle if you are ready to make a splash with your strands.

4. Galaxy-Inspired

vegan hair dye purple galaxy
This galaxy-inspired look is vibrant and edgy.

This combination of purple hues is giving us all the galaxy vibes. Starting with a vibrant deep shade of purple at the root and extending into different shades of lilac gives this multi-colored style an outer space feel.

5. Deep Purple Hues

vegan hair dye dark purple bob
A deep purple hue is tasteful and cool.

If you find yourself strictly in the “one color at a time” camp, try this deep purple hair color idea. Leave your roots natural so that color grows out easily and wear this beautiful deep shade of purple with pride.

6. Ombré Locks

vegan hair dye classic ombre
This classic ombré can be achieved using vegan hair dye.

Here’s another classic style to consider: ombré locks that seamlessly blend shades of brunette and blonde to perfection. Hair dye can often wreak havoc on your strands when it comes to lifting color. Consider a vegan alternative to keep the damage to a minimum!

7. Lilac Curls

vegan hair dye lilac curls
Wear your curls with extra impact.

Take the impact of your curls up another notch by opting for this lilac-dipped hair color look. A common misconception about vegan hair dyes is that they only offer classic colors — this shade of lilac is proof that neon and pastel hues are fair game!

8. E-Girl

vegan hair dye e girl
Try the trending e-girl style with vegan hair dye.

Become a trendsetter by opting for a vegan hair-dyed e-girl look. Believe us when we tell you that the e-girl look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

9. Dip-Dyed

vegan hair dye dip dye
Add some color to the ends of your hair.

Remember the dip-dyed trend of years past? This throwback trend is making a comeback and it’s easy to personalize it to your color preferences.

Keep your color vibrant by washing and conditioning your hair with Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo is both vegan and cruelty-free, good for the planet, and promises to keep your color vibrant!

10. Cool Blue

vegan hair dye cobalt blue
This cool hue is daring and bold.

This cool blue hue is daring, bold, and particularly eye-catching. The great thing about vibrant hair colors is how customizable the process is. Opt to color the front of your strands like in the photo above, consider an all-over wash of color, or go for something in between.

Are you thinking about trying out one of these vibrant hair color ideas? Be sure to tag us over @AllThingsHairUS so we can see the results!


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