create a sustainable hair routine

Create a Sustainable Hair Routine You Can Feel Good About It Every Day

Take care of the world around you while taking care of your hair as well.

It’s no secret that the environment is in desperate need of more of our love and care. June 5 is World Environment Day and it’s an opportunity to highlight different ways we can be more conscious and reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Our beauty routines are filled with guilty culprits—bottles that can’t be recycled, marketing gimmicks that include unnecessary packaging, and products from companies who aren’t investing in earth-friendly manufacturing processes.

That’s why we’ve created a sustainable hair routine full of products that you can easily find readily available. Read on:

Sustainable Hair Routine For Every Hair Type

We ran a survey to determine how important is for our readers to invest in green, sustainable, and recyclable products. You’ll see the results throughout the article.

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As you can see for the majority of our readers the packaging of their beauty products is important.

How To Build an Earth-Friendly Hair Routine

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Create a sustainable hair routine to reduce your carbon footprint.

Love Beauty and Planet is our go-to eco-friendly haircare winner. Not only are their products effective and wonderfully moisturizing, but all of their bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic. Additionally, their conditioners are made with a fast-rinse technology that helps you waste less water while washing your hair!

The brand created a self-imposed “tax” that has them contributing $40 per carbon ton to a fund that supports programs that help reduce carbon emissions and landfill waste. Did you think your hair care routine could do all that and still make you look good?

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Start by swapping out your usual shampoo and conditioner for a more eco-friendly alternative. We recommend Love Beauty and Planet Sulfate-Free Delightful Detox Charcoal & Bergamot Shampoo and Charcoal & Bergamot Conditioner. This duo helps gently rid hair of impurities while providing nourishment, purity, and clarity for your scalp as well.

It can sometimes feel overwhelming to try and rethink all the ways our actions might have a negative effect on the world. Find small ways to make changes in your life and commit to that new routine! We can have a big impact if we all commit to those small changes in our daily lives.

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