5 Cool Undercut Designs and an Interview!

Looking to mix up your short hair? Check out this collection of awesome undercut trends.

Undercut designs are one of the coolest (and pretty edgy) ways in which you can rock your short hair. While deciding to go for a short cut is a big deal, adding in designs or an undercut is another pretty major hair choice that can allow you to express yourself through your hair. Depending on your personal style, you’re can opt for a subtle feminine female undercut or play around with different undercut designs! But before you let your stylist loose with the clippers, we think you’ll benefit from a little hair inspo to find your ideal undercut hairstyle. Read on to check out five of our favorite looks, plus an interview with Heather Austrie (a.k.a @TattoosPixieHair), teacher and owner of Designs by Heather Austrie. With her collection of ‘Self Love’ tanks and awesome hair feed, we were excited to learn more about her and her incredible short hair undercut. Read on and be inspired!

5 Awesome Undercut Women Styles

undercut designs short crop
Double the fun with this bright undercut.

1. Two-Toned Undercut

How cool is this two-toned undercut that features a bold/orange hue? We love the contrast in this longer undercut that features a diamond-like shape at the base of the head. Talk to your stylist before you get this chop as you work together to figure out the colors and contrasting short cut you’re interested in. Bonus: if you have a little more length you can pull your hair up into this cool bun to really show-off your killer style.

undercut designs pixie cut
A cute pixie with a contrasted undercut.

2. Pixie Undercut

We understand that many of the female undercut styles out there are on the edgier side, which isn’t always to everyone’s tastes. But there is a way around this! Try combining an elegant asymmetrical haircut with a mini undercut, for a less intimidating take on the trend. This is also a great option for anyone with a strict office dress code, as it can easily be covered up. Business by day, party by night! To get your locks looking as sleek and shiny, simply apply a few drops of TRESemme Keratin Smooth Serum throughout your strands. It will add a glossy sheen to your hair, as well as preventing any frizz from rearing its ugly on your short cut!

undercut designs with a pattern
Take your style up a notch with this patterned look.

3. Patterned Undercut

For those that like to stand out from the crowd, make this short haircut your own by experimenting with imaginative undercut designs. We practically swooned at the sight of this cool spider undercut hairstyle women pattern that’s all about a cool zig-zagged spider web. Talk about bringing creativity to your hair!

undercut designs with a longer updo
A longer cut if you want some length. Photo credit: Dvora

4. Longer Undercut

Want a little more length in your undercut? That’s cool and we have you covered with this fuzzier/longer undercut women hair idea. Tell your stylist that you want some length underneath your hair where you can still show-off your short cut and have the opportunity to wear it down or grow it out if you please.

undercut designs with bangs
Go heavy on the bangs with this undercut hairstyle idea.

5. Bangs Undercut

If you’re all about rocking your bangs and an undercut, then this edgy hairstyle is totally for you! We love how the focus is on stylish, punky bangs that are accentuated with a bold color. To accentuate and define your bangs, be sure to use a mousse on your damp hair, like Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse. This formula will work to add some bounce to your hair without leaving it feeling stiff or crunchy.

Rocking the Short Hair Undercut: Interview with Heather Austrie

short hair undercut hairstyles from instagram
An edgy cut we love from Instagram. Photo credit: @heatheraustrie

All Things Hair: What do you love about having short hair?

Heather Austrie: I love waking up in the morning and being about to have a stylish look in less than two minutes. I’m a mother of two babies and have no extra time as it is. The shaved pixie allows me to still look good in no time while not having to wear the “mom bun.”

short hair undercut from Instagram
A shot hair undercut with a wave. Photo credit: @heatheraustrie

How do you typically style your hair?

I usually style my hair curled to the side. If I am running low on time, I just slick it back in a Mohawk. I play a lot of sports, so I usually rock french braids into a bun when on the basketball court or when playing beach volleyball.

How do you maintain your undercut?

I shave my own hair every three to four days with no guard. I love the fresh-cut look.

Any tips for women who want to go short?

Do it! People will stare and many will have comments, but it’s your hair. Long hair alone doesn’t make you feminine. You save time, energy and even better, money!

Tell us about your company.

I am not your typical “mom.” I am a mom who breaks the mold. I created my brand to inspire others to do the same and to encourage loving yourself for who you are and not for who this world wants you to be. I am not perfect and I’m ok with that. I have flaws, lots of them, but that’s what makes me who I am.

Being an elementary school teacher, I see or hear about cases of bullying in schools way too often. It breaks my heart that at such a young age, children are trying to change themselves so they “fit-in.” This is another reason why I so strongly wanted to create my brand. The first thing I teach my students when school begins is not reading, math, science or social studies. I teach my students to embrace the positive qualities that make them unique and to associate with people who love them for those same wonderful and maybe “quirky” qualities. For this very personal reason, I donate a portion of my proceeds to urban education. Why fit in when you can stand out!

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