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4 Stylish Ways to Revamp Your Short Chop

Ready to go for the big hair chop? Here's how you can give your new shorter 'do instant pizzazz.

A chop haircut, or a haircut that’s been cut shorter (usually bob or lob-length) from a previously longer ‘do, has been one of the most-requested looks for the past few seasons. It’s typically styled in a wavy, chunky or, yes, choppy manner, which offers this look a bit of dimension and movement. However, there’s nothing more frustrating than having a chop haircut and growing tired of it. Trust us, you’re not the only one that gets sick of wearing the same length over and over again, in one style everyday! But before you drive yourself crazy looking up all the ways you can grow your hair faster to get over your style rut, we’ve come up with four cool, stylish and super simple ways to update a short chop. Read on to learn how you can try one of these styling tips to give your chop hairstyle an instant update.

Going for a Hair Chop? Learn to Style Shorter Hair In Multiple Ways

the messy bob chop haircut
A diffused hairline, or simply switching up your part, can breathe new life into a tired partline. Photo credit:

1. Change your part.

Playing with the way you part your hair is one of the easiest and quickest ways to update your crop, particularly in the case of lobs and bobs. Not only does this change the backdrop of your features, alternating the direction you normally wear your hair can also infuse some lift into your roots, refreshing your overall hairstyle.

messy chop haircuts with bangs
Bangs can also add another layer of interest to shorter hair. Photo credit:

2. Add some curls.

Are you bored of wearing your chop hairstyle straight all the time? One simple way to upgrade your look is to add in some curls or easy waves. Use a hair wand or curling iron to create cute curls on your hair chop. Alternatively, you can use mini hair rollers on wet hair sit under a dryer, then release and fluff. Want some style inspo? Check out how to get this blogger-approved look in minutes.

shaggy layers on a chop haircut
Longer, choppier layers are a hallmark of the modern shag. Photo credit:

3. Try some edgy layers.

Go for an edgy look if you’re feeling for having a bit of fun, or if you’re simply inspired by more of a rocker-chic short chop these days, like the shag (as above). Try out this tutorial to learn how you can create an edgy hairstyle on short hair in just a few simple steps.

slicked back chop haircut
Gel it back for a quick runway update. Photo credit:

4. Slick it back.

Slick straight looks are super sexy styling options for a short hair chop. Try slicking your chop hairstyle back into a straight ‘do with some gel, or give it a little volume at the top for a pompadour-inspired effect by blasting it with a blowdryer at the root.

Want another hairstyle idea for your chop haircut? Here are a few stylish ways you can style short hair in no time

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