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Pixie Hair Inspiration Guide

Pixie cuts for every hair texture.

Contrary to popular belief, pixie hair works for many different hair types and face shapes. This style gets a less than stellar reputation for being difficult to rock and we understand why. No matter what length your strands are now, pixie hair is going to be a pretty drastic change and it can be scary to take that leap. If you’ve never rocked a style this short you may be filled with some very real and terrifying questions. What if my cheekbones can’t handle that much focus and attention? What if no amount of contouring keeps my face looking as slim as face-framing layers would? Will I be cold without hair on my neck during the winter? All jokes aside, these fears are real. We’ve put together a pixie hair inspiration guide to prove that anyone can rock this hairstyle and to show you the surprising ways it works on every hair type.

Pixie Hair Inspiration Guide

pixie hair
Straight hair can be difficult to style – pixie hair makes it easier.

1. Straight Hair

Straight hair might be the most obvious hair type for easy styling when it comes to pixie hair. Fine and straight strands are notoriously hard to work with and manipulate and an easy short style like this one means less work for you. Washing your hair on a regular basis is important with this hair type and style because your roots will get greasy quickly. Try the TRESemmé Platinum Strength Shampoo and the TRESemmé Platinum Strength Conditioner to add a little extra shine to your hair. No extra products are needed to nail this style, so enjoy your newfound freedom and rock it in peace.

pixie hair on curly hair
Ask for your stylist to cut your hair just long enough to maintain that signature corkscrew perfection.

2. Curly Hair

You might have previously thought that pixie hair isn’t an option for women with curly strands. Think again. A closely cropped style like this shows off your curls while still keeping them manageable. A little bit of the Dove Style + Care Volume Amplifier Mousse will ensure corkscrew perfection and will keep your hair smelling amazing, too.

pixie hair highlights
Highlights are always a good idea.

3. Highlighted Hair

While highlighted hair generally has us thinking of longer hair, there’s no reason you can’t rock colored hair on a short style, too. In fact, highlights are a great way to add dimension to an otherwise plainer style. If you’re used to your long hair making a statement, adding highlights to your pixie hair is a good way to maintain those vibes without as much creativity at your fingertips.

pixie hair wavy hair
Sacrificing length doesn’t mean missing out on your gorgeous waves.

4. Wavy Hair

Opting for pixie hair doesn’t mean sacrificing your signature style and texture. Leaving the front a little bit longer and letting your waves take center stage is the best way to rock a shorter style without missing out on what might be one of your favorite features. Embrace a messier look and let your waves do their thing.

pixie hair
Filed under: a style that’s both manageable and versatile.

5. Relaxed Hair

Cutting your relaxed hair into a pixie is a no-brainer as far as a manageable style goes. Go for layered bangs that can be styled down across your forehead or swooped up into a gravity-defying pompadour-esque style for maximum versatility.

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