The Curled Effect: 7 Hairstyles for Your Perm

Keep your permed hair in check with these chic hairstyles.

Believe it or not, but perms are actually pretty versatile. While the most common idea of perm hairstyles is tight, voluminous ringlets, there are tons of different ways to have gloriously permed hair. From loose waves to tight curls, you can create just about any permed hairstyle that suits your look. Perms are the perfect way to add some volume and an extra flirty bounce to your everyday look. Don’t let your hair fall flat, try out one of these stylish permed looks to take the volume of your hair to the next level:

7 Stylish Perm Hairstyles

perm classic ringlets
The most iconic perm hairstyle.

1. Classic Perm

Nothing beats this classic style. Keep your hair perm in check by having a handy shampoo-conditioner collection that’s fortified for curly hair, like TRESemmé Botanique Curl Hydration Shampoo and TRESemmé Botanique Curl Hydration Conditioner.

perm large curls
Go for a large curl to create more volume and fullness.

2. Large Curls

Some large, fabulous curls will always make a statement. Opting for this perm hair look will get all of the heads turning in awe. Just take a seat in the salon chair and watch your locks transform into a waterfall of luscious curls.

perm loose waves
The looser, the better with these waves.

3. Loose Waves

A perm doesn’t have to be ultra-defined. This loose waved style is the perfect way to give your hair just a small boost of body while staying subtle and simple. To give your waves some sheen like above, try adding a few drops of Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum to your hair.

perm small ringlets
Give your hair the ultimate volume with these tiny ringlets.

4. Small Ringlets

We say the tighter, the better with these tiny curls. These small ringlets can give your hair the ultimate boost of body and fullness. Keep your permed curls tangle-free with Dove Absolute Curls Leave-In Detangler.

perm short loose curls
These short loose curls give your hair a glamorous feel.

5. Short Loose Curls

If you have a bob that just keeps falling a little too flat for your taste, then try getting a loose perm to pump up the volume.

perm hollywood curls
Create red carpet curls with your next perm.

6. Hollywood Curls

Have curls that are ready for the camera with these glamorous Hollywood-style curls.

perm large ringlets
These large coils give your hair a full effect.

7. Large Ringlets

Create bold and beautiful ringlets to have some eye-popping style.

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