15 Fun (and Easy!) Party Braids to Try

These braided hairstyles have got us ready to let loose (the socially-distanced way, of course).

 A sexy blowout or gorgeous curls can definitely steal the spotlight, but there’s something about party braids that allow you to rest assured that your style will stay put all day (or night) long. Whether you’re soaking in the sun, going on vacation or just having some socially-distanced fun during the weekend, you’ll want something pretty low-key that can be easily achieved in a matter of minutes.

To get some chic braided hairstyles for party situations, here are some cute looks for you to try out:

Party Braids: 15 Cute Looks to Wear

1. Braided Pigtails

party braids boxer braids
Give your party look an athleisure vibe.

Dutch hair pigtails make a great party hairstyle, as it gives hair a tough-girl edge that’s playful and chic. To get the look, start by using a comb to create a center part, and then proceed to split your hair into two sections. Once your hair is separated, begin to create inverted French braids on either side of the head. Continue to braid till you reach the ends of the hair, and secure with an elastic.

2. Unicorn Braid

party braids unicorn braid
A unicorn braid helps your ponytail pop. Photo Credit: Verity Jane Smith

If you want to give your classic ponytail a twist, adding in a simple braid at the top part of the head gives it cool unicorn-like effect that’s super fashionable and really fun. To create this fab party braid yourself, follow our unicorn braid tutorial to master this look in minutes.

3. Classic Braid

party braids classic braid
A simple three-strand braid is easy and never complicated.

If you are a beginner at braiding, a classic and simple three-strand braid is always a good idea! We love how this party braid looks polished and chic with minimal work.

4. Side Pull-Through Braid

a side pull thru braid hairstyle of a woman wearing black dress in a white background
A double heart braid is romantic and festive. Photo Credit: Dvora

This braided look is all about sexy oomph, as it gives an unexpected twist. To get the party braids look, start by making sure your hair is clean and full of body. Use Love Beauty and Planet Blue-Green Algae & Eucalyptus Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse hair and infuse a bit of fullness. To create your braid, make sure your hair is completely dry, and then begin to tie your hair into a ponytail. Afterwards, split your ponytail into two separate ponytails, and segment the top half of one of your ponytails. To get that pulled-through effect, pull the bottom pony through the top pony, and tie it off with a hair elastic. Continue to repeat this process until you reach the ends.

5. Half-Fishtail Braid

a rear view of half fishtail braid for a ong black hair woman
A half up, half down braid is totally elegant. Photo Credit: Verity Jane Smith

If you dig half-up, half-down styles, a well-constructed half-fishtail braid makes for the perfect Spring Break look. To achieve this style correctly, follow this fishtail hair braid tutorial to get this gorgeous style.

6. Crown Braid

party braids crown braid
A crown braid instantly jazzes up any party outfit!

This party braids look is totally perfect for festival season or Spring Break, as it easily spices up your fave dress ensembles or denim looks. To get the look, start with detangled hair, and then flip your hair over, fashioning the hair into a loose ponytail that sits on the side of the head. Then, braid your ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Afterward, carefully wrap your braid across your forehead, and pin with bobby pins to secure your style. Finish with TRESemmé TRES Two Freeze Hold Hairspray to help secure your look.

7. Double Heart Braid

a braided ponytail hair of a woman rear view
A double heart braid is romantic and festive. Photo Credit: Dvora

If you want a party braids style that screams true romance, a double heart braid style will surely heat things up. And while this look seems complicated, we have you covered on how to achieve this stellar style in our heart braid tutorial.

8. Milkmaid Braid

a woman with milkmaid braid standing in a hall
A milkmaid braid is gorgeous and sophisticated. Photo Credit: Dvora

Like crown braids, milkmaid braids can be an exciting party braids look that’s perfect for partying and chillaxing. To get this alluring look, follow our milkmaid braid tutorial and steal this cute style for yourself.

9. Braided Ponytail

party braids braided ponytail
A chic and sporty take on a ponytail.

However, if you want something fairly easy for your party braids, a braided ponytail definitely holds its own. To get the look, simply create multiple braids on the crown part of your head, gather all into a ponytail and secure everything with an elastic.

10. High Bun with Accent Braid

high bun with accent braid party braids
Chic and boho-glam at once. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A high bun gets even more pizzazz with a fun skinny braid at the top. This look is a fun party braids option for date night to going out dancing with the besties—it keeps your neck sweat-proof and strand-free, not to mention act as a great foil for the season’s statement earrings.

11. Half-Up Box Braids

half up box braids party braids
Experiment with different kinds of high buns for different occasions!

For women who are looking to get some protective hairstyles for a party braid, why not a set of box braids done up in a trendy half-updo? The look is fun and versatile, not to mention keeps your natural texture intact.

12. Flower Updo

flower updo party braids
Fasten it laurel-leaf-like on the back of the head.

Buns need not be boring, as evidenced by this festive runway version of the floral crown, first seen on Naeem Khan’s NYFW catwalks. Emulate this modern fairy princess look at all of the parties with a few seasonal sprigs (holly, tinsel, twigs, cobwebs, you name it).

13. Cornrows

party braids cornrows
Go the extra step with some chic cornrows. Photo credit: Roisin Murphy

Why not spice things up a little with cornrow-style party braids? This look is sleek and perfect for any event.

14. Wet-Look Unicorn

wet-look unicorn party braids
Don’t stress; it shouldn’t look too perfect. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Modernize the unicorn party braid with a runway-worthy wet look finish. After raking through product, take the front section of hair and create a Dutch braid till the back of the crown. Leave the rest of your locks loose and a bit grungy for the full rocker-chic effect.

15. Upside Down Braid

upside down party braids
Flip your head over (or, phone a friend) to create this look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Party on till the break of dawn? Now you can—and still look cute and polished, nary a hair out of place till the wee hours of the morning. This look features a series of French braids woven from the neckline up (flip your head over for this one) and gathered into one collective bun.

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