Past Perfect: These Braid Styles of 2017 Are Still Trending Today

Turn back time to yesteryear with 2017's top braided styles.

Do you constantly rely on the same-old braided hairstyle? Well, it’s time to switch up your look! Ideal for thick hair, these blast from the not so far away past looks are the perfect braids to make you the chicest chick on the scene. From boxer braids to intricate waterfalls, these 2017 braid styles are some of our favorite looks for decades to come. And just because 2017 is over doesn’t mean that these styles are done with, too. They’re the perfect look that you can technically call retro now. So, give your tresses the style upgrade they’ve been dying for with one of these top braiding styles.

The 2017 Braid Styles That We’re Still Obsessed Over

2017 braid styles boxer braids
Get the ultimate athleisure look with boxer braids.

1. Double French Braids

If there was one look that really took over 2017 braid styles, it was the boxer braid style. It’s the perfect pair to any athleisure look! Make sure you keep your braids streamlined by spritzing your braids with Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray.


2017 braid styles boho braids
Create wanderlust vibes with these boho braids.

2. Boho Braids

The bohemian look had a serious glow-up in 2017, and we definitely want it to thrive far into this coming year.

2017 braid styles double braided half up
We’re getting double vision with these braids.

3. Double Braided Half Up

Upgrade your classic half up style with this double braided trend.

2017 braid styles waterfall updo
A spin on the classic waterfall braid.

4. Waterfall Updo

The waterfall braid is well-loved classic but this updo twist on the iconic look has our jaws dropping.

2017 braid styles braided bangs
Braid your bangs to compliment your hairstyles.

5. Braided Bangs

Get a bangin’ look with these braided bangs.

2017 braid styles braided ballerina bun
One of the hottest 2017 braid styles is obviously the braided ballerina bun.

6. Braided Ballerina Bun

The ballerina bun was one of the top trending styles of 2017, and adding a braid around it was one of the best switch up of any hairstyle that we’ve seen. To give your ballerina bun a glossy shine like the one above, make sure to use Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum on your strands before creating the style.

2017 braid styles micro braids
Embellish your style with micro braids.

7. Micro Braids

One of the trendiest 2017 braids styles was the micro braid look and we can’t get enough of it.

2017 braid styles flower bun braid
2017 was the year of the flower bun.

8. Braided Flower Bun

Flowers were a huge hit in 2017, and so was this iconic braided flower bun.

2017 braid styles braided ponytail
This braided ponytail will be chic for years to come.

9. Braided Ponytail

This braided ponytail look was always around, but had it’s well-deserved come up in 2017. Pro tip: to keep your braided ponytail in place all day long, make sure to smooth your strands with TRESemmé Tres Two Ultra Firm Control Gel.

2017 braid styles box braids
Box braids will always be a hot braided style.

10. Box Braids

It seems like everyone was obsessed with the box braid look in 2017. This cool protective style is so flattering and posh, we can’t get enough of it!

2017 braid styles fishtail boxer braids
Switch up your fishtail braids with this double style.

11. Double Fishtail Braids

This twist to the classic fishtail braid style is the ultimate 2017 look that we’ll keep rockin’ for years to come.

2017 braid styles braided chignon
Style up your chignon by braiding it.

12. Braided Chignon

This posh look is totally SFW, so you can rock it at work and to happy hour, too.

2017 braid styles crown braid
Pair your braided ends with a crown braid.

13. Crown Braid

If you want a truly elegant style for a big event, then go with this crown braided look.

2017 braid styles crown braid
Get the angelic look with a crown braid.

14. Halo Braid

Rock the ultimate innocent and angelic look with this halo braid.

2017 braid styles classic 3-section braid
Nothing beats this classic look.

15. Classic 3-Section Braid

If you need a style that works for any day at any time then turn to this classic three-strand braid.

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