Bring On the Braids: 25 Braided Hairstyles to Explore Now

Time to upgrade your braided styles.

Braided hairstyles are always a timeless look that just never seem to go out of style. Braids are almost as old as time itself, yet there are millions of ways to give your braid styles a modern glow up. While the same-old braiding routine can be reliable, you should always try to expand your styling horizons with some fresh, new braid ideas. So, give your tresses the styling upgrade they deserve with one of these braid hairstyles! These styles will make you look as if you just stepped off of the runway, and will stay fresh and flirty all day long:

Stay Fresh in these Chic 25 Braided Hairstyles

braided hairstyles messy braided bun
This classic braided bun just got a messy twist.

1. Messy Braided Bun

The messier, the better with this bun! It’s the best of both worlds: elegant and beautiful for fancy events, yet edgy and full of cool attitude. Just remember to tame any unruly, messy strands with Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray.

braided hairstyles heart braid
You’re going to fall in love with this style.

2. Heart Braid

Fall head over heels in love with this braided hairstyle.

braided hairstyles thin crown braid
A thin crown braid acts as an accent piece to any hairstyle.

3. Thin Crown Braid

Want to add just a little bit of style to your updos? Then pop in a thin crown braid for a detailed effect.

braided hairstyles voluminous
Reach new heights of chic with this voluminous braid.

4. Voluminous Braid

A simple way to make any of your favorite braided hairstyles stand out is by giving it a touch of volume. Just tease your braid with Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse and your hair is set with a photo-ready look.

braided hairstyles sleek
Give your braided hairstyles a boost of sheen.

5. Sleek Braid

Into the glossier look? Then create a polished braid by smoothing your strands with Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum.

braided hairstyles curled half up
Upgrade your half up braid with some curls.

6. Curled Half Up Braid

Give your half up braid a volumized finish by adding some curls into the mix.

braided hairstyles side braid
Shift your braid to the side for an easygoing attitude.

7. Side Braid

This simple side braid is perfect for those low-maintenance hair days.

braided hairstyles double fishtail
These braids are giving us double vision.

8. Double Fishtail Braids

We’re going double with our fishtail braids.

braided hairstyles braided flower bun
This elegant style is great for any party or event.

9. Braided Flower Bun

This intricate style is one of the hottest braided hairstyles for any major event. If you want to stunt on everyone with your braiding skills, then this is definitely your style choice.

braided hairstyles braided ends
Put your ends in this charming reverse waterfall braided style.

10. Braided Ends

Need a style that will stand out as much as your personality? Then this easy braided ends look needs to become your go-to look!

braided hairstyles ponytail braid
Give your ponytail a glow-up with this braided look.

11. Ponytail Braid

This braided ponytail look will make you the poshest girl on the block.

braided hairstyles flower crown
Let out your inner flower child.

12. Flower Crown Braid

This festival-ready look has all of us excited for warm summer nights.

braided hairstyles braided bangs
Get creative by putting your bangs in a cool braid.

12. Braided Bang

Go all-out with your side bangs by trying out this braided look.

braided hairstyles thin half up twist
Get twisted into this simple style.

13. Thin Half Up Twist

Twist your strands into perfection with this simply elegant half up style. Keep your style in control all day long with TRESemme TRES Two Ultra Fine Mist Non-Aerosol Hair Spray.

braided hairstyles classic halo braid
Nothing beats classic braids styles like this one.

14. Classic Halo Braid

This angelic look is timeless and elegant. It’s perfect for any major occasion!

braided hairstyles double halo braid
Give your halo braid a switch-up with this doubled look.

15. Double Halo Braid

This upgrade to the classic halo style adds some more life into your look.

braided hairstyles braided chignon
This chignon is totally SFW.

16. Braided Chignon

Give your chignon a cool new look by braiding your locks to perfection.

braided hairstyles loose fishtail braid
Get the easy going look with this braid.

17. Loose Fishtail Braid

If you’re skipping the shower, then putting your hair in a loose fishtail and controlling your oily strands with Dove Refresh+Care Fresh & Floral Dry Shampoo.

braided hairstyles boxer braids
An Insta-worthy look.

19. Boxer Braids

These braids have been flooding our Instagram feeds, and for good reason. They’re perfect for topping off any street style look.

braided hairstyles bohemian braid
This messy, textured style is perfect for free spirits.

2o. Bohemian Braid

This whimsical look is one of the most spot-on braided hairstyles for carefree girls.

braided hairstyles classic loose braid
Let loose in this braid.

21. Loose Braid

Another simply stylish look for those lazy days.

braided hairstyles jumbo dutch braids
A trendy look for everyone.

22. 3-Strand Braid

This is basically the beginner braid for all of you braiding novices out there. It’s a subtle look that never goes out of style.

braided hairstyles voluminous french braid
Give your French braid a whole new look with some volume.

23. Voluminous French Braid

Shake up your French braid by giving it some glorious volume by pancaking, or i.e. tugging each link to fatten.

braided hairstyles micro braids
Use these tiny braids as accents to your style.

24. Micro Braids

Start small with a few micro braids to embellish your overall look, or make a statement by covering your whole head with them. The possibilities are endless!

braided hairstyles flower-waterfall braid
Show off your braiding skills with this unique style.

25. Flower-Waterfall Braid

This is the grandmaster of all braided hairstyles. It’s intricate, extremely detailed and so much fun to create.

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