Stacked Bob Cuts: 30 Stylish Stack Bob Hairstyles to Love

All the stacked bob hair inspiration you need. 

If you ever find yourself searching for the perfect hairstyle to give you a voluminous and full look, go no further than the stacked bob haircut. With a focus on graduated layers towards the back of the cut, this hairstyle makes even the woman with the finest hair type look as if she has fuller locks.

Need some ideas on how you can style the look? Scroll down to see some of our most favorite stacked bob haircut styles. Read on:

stacked bob asian hair
Subtle layers.

1. The Slight Stack

If you’re going for a style that doesn’t have too many layers towards the back of your hair, try out this subtle stack style. It has just enough layers for volume and fullness. When styling, use a mousse, like Nexxus Styling Mousse Plus, to enhance body.

stacked bob: asymmetrical bob
Half long, half short.

2. Stacked Bob Asymmetrical

Want a super fun and stylish look? Try out this asymmetrical stacked cut.

Stacked Bob Auburn
Brown tones are the new black.

3. Auburn Hued Bob

Try an auburn hue, if you’re looking for a brown with a reddish undertone.

Black hair stacked bob
Dark and chic.

4. Black Hair Stacked Pageboy

Dark tones look good on these cuts. Go for a deep brown or a jet black hue to rock this look.

Blonde stacked bob
Blonde and beautiful.

5. Blonde Stacked Multi-Length Bob

If you don’t want the same blonde bob like everyone else, opt for this stacked style. Play around with different lengths to really make the cut stand out.

Blunt stacked bob cut
Sharp and precise.

6. Stacked Bob Blunt Cut

Want something sharp and edgy? Go for this chic blunt cut with a fringe.

stacked bob brown hair
This cut looks good on every hair color.

7. Stacked Brown Hair Bob

Try the stacked bob cut on brown hair. Go light or go dark, you can’t go wrong once you find the right hue for your hair color.

brushed stacked bob
The brushed effect.

8. Brushed Out Bob

We’ve been having a thing for brushed out hair lately. Try this brushed effect if you’re looking to try out something different. For added texture, use a salt spray, like Bed Head By TIGI Queen Beach Salt Infused Texture Spray.


Stacked bob chin length
Short and sweet.

9. The Mini Stack

Don’t want to go as short at the pixie? Try this mini stacked bob haircut.

stacked bob dark straight hair
Stylish haircut option for naturally straight hair.

10. Straight Hair Stacked Bob

Have naturally super straight hair and what to change up your look? Go for a stacked bob haircut, then bump the ends with a curling iron to create the rounded effect.

Disheveled Stacked Bob
Embrace the undone look.

11. Disheveled & Stacked

Go for the undone look when you want something a bit more effortless.

Stacked bob ear tuck
Simple update.

12. The Ear Tuck

Need a quick new look during the day. Slip your hair behind your ear.

Stacked bob haircuts for fine hair
Create a fuller look on thin hair.

13. Stacked Bob on Fine Hair

Get the illusion of fuller and thicker hair with a stacked haircut.

Stacked Bob Gray Hair
Elegant look for older women.

14. Gray Hair

The cut looks good on all ages and hair types. Ask your stylist for a cut that frames your face to accentuate the shape.

stacked bob hair accessory
Stick a flower in it for a fun girly touch.

15. Styled With Hair Accessories

Have fun with your look by updating it with fun hair accessories.

stacked bob highlights
Highlights to brighten up the look.

16. Stacked Bob Highlights

Add highlights to brighten up your hairstyle and to add dimension to your look.

layered stacked bob.
Pretty and voluminous.

17. Layered

Ask your stylist for layers to create a full look to your stacked bob style.

stacked bob: extra long side
Create a heavy effect on just one side.

18. Extra Long Side

Play around with lengths to create a stylish effect.

stacked bob: disheveled hair
The messier the better.

19. Disheveled Bob

Go for the messy effect to add visual interest to your look.

stacked bob: platinum blonde
Bold and chic at the same time.

20. Platinum Blonde  Bob

Go bold with a fun shape and a fun color to match.

stacked bob red hair
Fall season tones.

21. Stacked Bob On Red Hair

Looking to update your bob for the fall season. Opt for reds and browns.

stacked bob round stack
Nice rounded shape.

22. Rounded & Stacked

It’s all about having lift at the root. Try a volumizing shampoo to maintain the shape when styling.

stacked bob: swooped bangs
Swoop your fringe to the side.

23. Stacked Bob Swooped Bang

Create this rounded effect with bangs that blend in with the shape of your hair.

stacked bob side part
Great daytime style.

24. Side Part Bob Haircut

We love how this cut gives your overall look so much personality.

bone straight stacked bob
Sleek and chic.

25. Bone Straight

This style is easy to maintain on your own with the help of a flat iron.

stacked bob thick bangs
Full fringe effect.

26. Thick Bangs

Pair up your graduated bob with a nice full fringe.

tousled stacked bob
A little messy, a little tamed.

27. Tousled Stacked Cut

The perfect style for work or for a night out on the town.

Undone stacked bob
Waves and beyond.

28. Undone Bob

The perfect style for channeling the bed head look.

stacked bob uneven layers
Natural looking layers.

29. Uneven Layers

Create this undone effect with the use of uneven layers. Maintain the non-greasy look with a dry shampoo like TRESemmé Fresh & Clean Dry Shampoo.

wavy textured stacked bob
Wavy and bouncy.

30. Wavy Textured Stacked Haircut

Go for a wavy effect—whether you have natural waves or not. The look gives the hair more movement and body.


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