Headband braid: Step-by-step tutorial

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Looking to create a headband braid? Then scroll down to discover our easy-to-follow hair tutorial and get the look now!


Why wear a headband when you can create one out of your own hair? A headband braid is a perfect way to sweep a grown-out fringe out of your face or chicly channel a boho vibe for your next festival, party or brunch.

And the great news is, whether you have short or long locks, you can totally pull off this look. Want to learn how to make a braided headband? Keep on reading below to find out – and get ready to meet your new go-to hairstyle!

How to do a braided headband: Step-by-step guide


Apply hair oil.

Start by sectioning your hair into a deep side part, then apply 1-2 pumps of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Beautifying Oil to your strands to help smooth them in preparation for braiding. The oil will keep your plait looking polished, while also helping to banish pesky flyaways!


Section your hair.

To create your headband braid, you’ll need to section a large piece of your hair with a tail comb. This section should be approximately 3 inches wide and should start from your deep side part and finish just behind your ear on the opposite side.


Get ready for braiding.

Ready to learn how to make a braided headband? Start by misting your tresses with the VO5 Plump It Up Dry Shampoo to help give it some grip and texture for your hairline braid. Then take a 1-2 inch-wide portion of hair from the section that you created in step 2. Divide this section of hair into 3 equal parts.


French braid your hair.

Begin by following the traditional 3-strand braiding technique, where you place the left section of hair over the middle one, and then the right section of hair over the middle one.

Once you’ve completed this process twice, continue braiding along the hairline, but this time make sure to pick up a small section of hair from each side every time that you weave a section over the middle, as you would do a French plait.

Once you reach the opposite ear, you can stop picking up strands of hair to interweave into your braid, and simply continue plaiting your hair until you reach the end.


Pancake your braid.

Once you’ve braided your hair all the way down to the tail, secure your plait with an elastic band. Then pancake it to make it appear thicker and fuller. To do this, use your thumb and index finger to lightly tug at your braid.



Secure your braided hair.

Pull the tail of your plait around your head, so that it lies flat against the nape of your neck. Secure it to the underneath bit of your hair with some bobby pins every few inches to ensure it stays hidden under the rest of your mane.


Tease your crown.

For some added body and volume, take a 3 inch-wide section of hair from your crown (just behind your headband braid), and gently tease the underneath section with a teasing comb.


Smooth your hair.

Once you’ve teased your crown, use your comb to gently smooth the top section of hair down, so that your hair falls over your braid secured near your neck. (The only part of the braid that should show is the front and side part.)

Then generously spray your ‘do with the TRESemmé Ultimate Hold Hairspray to keep your braid beautiful all day long.


Final look.

And there you have it! A boho-inspired headband braid.


How to do a headband braid: Pin your braid behind your ear
How to make a braided headband on short hair.

How to braid your hair like a headband with short hair

Think that short hair can’t be braided? Well, think again, because the good news is that the headband braid can be done on short tresses too. Yes, you heard us correctly. This is because the headband braid is a flat plait and doesn’t require lots of length. Neat, eh?

So, want to know how to braid your hair like a headband on short tresses? Easy! Just follow the steps above and braid until you reach just above your ear. Then use a bobby pin to discreetly secure your braid behind your ear like our model below.

Enjoyed our how to do a headband braid tutorial, but still on the hunt for more simple plaiting hacks? Then, don’t forget to check out our Braids page, for all the best ways to weave your mane!

08 February 2017