Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

Asian Hair Braids: Different Ways to Style the Trendiest Braid Hairstyles on Asian Hair for Every Occasion

Find your perfect timeless braids look for every occasion.

Asian hair is known for having more cuticle layers and wider cuticle cells than other hair types. Therefore Asian hair types tend to be thicker, and less prone to breakage. As a result, Asian hair is more versatile for styling a variety of gorgeous hairstyles! Are you looking for more ways to style your hair? Check out these braids styles for Asian hair.  

These timeless Asian hair braid styles are bound to hold up well throughout the day all while allowing you to look chic and trendy.

1. Bubble Braids

bubble braids on asian hair
This bubble style is a gorgeous style to try when looking for Asian hair braids options. Photo by Owen Vangioni

This bubble braid hairstyle is one of the trendiest hairstyles at the moment. It is the perfect braid style to wear regardless of whether you are dressing up or dressing casual for the day. Prevent any extra  frizzing while wearing this hairstyle with Dove Hair Therapy 7-in-1 Miracle Mist.

Need a new hair regimen?

2. Asian Hair Braids with Cute Clip Accessories 

asian hair braids with accessories
Amp up your look with fun accessories. Photo by Syauqy Ayyash

Wear two braids bobby pinned down to opposite sides of your face. Top off the look with cute and colorful hair clips to brighten your look! These hair braids are especially great for a causal day out and about! 

3. Unraveled Asian Hair Braids 

Wavy asian indian hair
Wear braids overnight and unravel them the next morning for a wavy finish. Photo by Angshu Purkait

Looking to amp up a hair texture that is bone straight? Then put your hair in 1-4 braids overnight. Then, the morning after, take your braids out for a gorgeous, natural looking wave. While putting your hair in braids, use a mouse for extra hold when creating your curls. The Dove Curls Defining Mousse helps to hold waves in place while adding extra shine to your hair, and fighting against frizz.

4. Gorgeous Accessorized Updo 

Asian hair braids formal updo
This gorgeous Asian hair braid style is perfect for formal and occasional events. Photo by Riccardo Trimeloni

Consider this braided back hair updo for your next formal or special event. Top it off with flowers to fit your occasion. A firm hold hairspray is always best for a long-wear hairstyle. We recommend TRESemmé TRES Two Unscented Extra Hold Hair Spray for a look as intricate and as gorgeous as this one. 

5. French Inspired Asian Hair Braids 

french braid on asian hair
Get inspired by this timeless french braid hairstyle/ Photo by Riccardo Trimeloni

Rock these french braids on your hair. You can wear it down back into one braid or split it into two braids that mirror each other. The versatility of this hairstyle makes it gorgeous for every occasion! 

Which asian hair braids style will you be trying and for what occasion? Share your look with us by tagging us @AllThingsHairUS. Also for more hair ideas and tips, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below. 


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Need a new hair regimen?
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