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Haircuts for Guys with Long Heads: 5 Styles to Try for Men

A great haircut can transform your overall look! Haircuts are like an art form, depending on the frame of your face, one haircut may suit you more than another. For men with long faces, it may be challenging to find the perfect haircut for you. Begin your search for your go-to haircut here! Check out our guide below on haircuts for guys with long heads. 

Haircuts for Guys with Long Heads: 5 Styles to Try for Men

Looking for the perfect haircuts for guys with long heads? Check out our style guide below.

1. Leveled Afro Haircut for Guys with Long Heads

afo hair hairstyle for long faces
Embrace a long head shape with a tall afro. Photo by Daniel Adesina

What better way to frame a long face shape then with a tall afro that helps to frame your face? Show off your face shape boldly and proudly with this trendy 90s inspired afro haircut. To better accentuate this look, try wearing this look with shaved sides or a temple fade!

2. Curly Bangs with Fade 

curly top haircuts for guys with long hair
Try this curly bangs look while searching for the perfect haircut for guys with long heads. Photo by Teodora Popa

If you prefer to conceal long face/forehead, then this style for you. Wearing your curls in a way that beautifully combs over into bangs is also a timeless look that looks especially great when paired with a fade. Maintain this curly bangs with fade haircut for guys with long heads with a product to help  enhance your curls. We recommend the AXE Texturizing Cream

3. Long Haircuts for Guys with Long Heads 

long haircuts for guys with long faces
Let it all out with this long hairstyle. Photo by Mahdi Bafande

Looking for a low maintenance yet handsomely chic look to compliment a long face? Then, you should try a long haircut. Whether you choose to grow your hair down to your shoulders, or you you choose to grow it down your back, make sure to trim your ends regularly to help prevent split ends, and promote healthy ends. 

4. Spiked Up Haircut for Long Faces 

spiky haircut haircuts for long heads
Spiky hair looks great worn on bangs or your full mane especially on haircuts for guys with long heads. Photo by Brock Wegner

Weigh into some 2010’s nostalgia with spiked up bangs. You can even take it up a notch with spiking up your whole haircut. Both of these looks can be achieving daily using a strong up hair gel to hold your hair up. For example, the Dove Men + Care Well Defined Taming Gel

5. Fade + Beard Combo 

fade haircuts for guys with long heads
Compliment your haircut with a sleek beard. Photo by Clout Africa

If you’re looking for a timeless looking haircuts for guys with long heads, then this fade + beard combo is for you. Using a beard to compliment your frame is the perfect method for accentuating a long face especially when paired with a fade cut that is touched up regularly. Show some extra love to your beard with the SheaMoisture Men Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Balm. This product assists in shaping and smoothing facial hair. 

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