Widow’s Peak Guide: Causes and How To Style Your Unique Hairline

Embrace your unique detail.

If you’re interested in hairstyling or hair care, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the term ‘widow’s peak.’ If you aren’t familiar, a widow’s peak is a  specific type of hairline with a V-shaped point on the forehead. In those without a widow’s peak, the hair grows straight across.

This hairline often gets a bad rep because it can be a little more challenging to style. However, if this hairline sounds like you, there’s no need to worry! We’re breaking down everything you need to know about the widow’s peak, its causes, and how to style the hairline. Keep scrolling for more:

What causes a widow’s peak hairline?

Widow Peak Causes

So, you’ve determined that your v-shaped hairline is a widow’s peak. Now, you’re probably wondering, did something cause the hairline, or can I do anything to help it? Sometimes, a widow’s peak can result from hair loss, but oftentimes it’s simply genetics.

When men experience hair loss, the temples tend to go in prematurely, which leaves a V shape in the middle of the forehead. However, women and children may have this hairline if they often wear tight ponytail hairstyles. Constantly pulling your hair back into tight ponytails and buns can cause your hairline to start receding at a younger age, leaving you a widow’s peak.

Widow’s peak genetics can also cause this condition, which is inherited from your parents or family. When the widow’s peak is caused by genetics, it can be more noticeable in some people than others.

12 Ways to Style a Widow’s Peak

While it may seem a little challenging to style a widow’s peak, a quirky hairline doesn’t have to scare you away from any styles. There are still plenty of ways to switch up your hairstyles depending on your desired look for the day.

1. Headband Braid for Widow’s Peak

braided hairstyles crown half updo
Wearing a headband is a great way to style your widow’s peak.

A headband braid is a great way to show off your widow’s peak and keep your hair out of your face! All you have to do is start a French braid just above your ear on one side of your head and then move across the top, adding pieces from only the front side of your head. This style is also great because it’s so easy to do, even with a widow’s peak!

2. Slicked Back Bun

slick bun
Highlight your v hairline with a sleek bun.

Embrace your widow’s peak with a slicked-back style. Brush your hair into a high ponytail, and apply TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel to smooth out any bumps. This gel will help you create a sleek and smooth base for your bun. After you have secured the ponytail, wrap it around itself to create the bun, and then secure it in place!

3. Zig-Zag Part for Widow’s Peak

widow's peak zig-zag part
A zig-zag hairline is perfect if you want to conceal your widow’s peak.

If you want to cover up your widow’s peak, try a zig-zag part! This unique way to part your hair will make this type of hairline less noticeable. Finish off with a mist of Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray.

4. Keep it Natural

widow's peak
No need to hide your widow’s peak! Wear it loud and proud.

Sometimes just wearing your hair down and being proud of your widow’s peak is the best style to do! If you have naturally curly hair, use TRESemmé One Step Styler Curls Crème-Gel to enhance your natural curl pattern, hydrate, and provide an all-day hold without a stiff feeling.

5. Messy Bun

messy bun widow's peak
A messy bun will take the attention away from your hairline.

You can never underestimate a messy bun! Going for that cute but still a little messy look has never been easier. All you have to do is brush all of your hair in a ponytail towards the top of your head and secure it in place. Then, wrap the ponytail around itself to create a bun and use another hair tie to secure it.

6. Half Updo

widows peak half updo
This pin-up hairstyle is so pretty!

We love how flirty and fun a high-half updo look can be. If you find your widow’s peak a bit intense and want to experiment with a slightly straighter look, remove a small section next to the lowest part of your hairline. This will create the illusion that the sides of your hairline are more down and create a straighter appearance.

7. Bob With Widow’s Peak and Fine Hair

bob widow's peak
If you have fine hair and a widow’s peak, go for a bob!

For short, straight, fine hair, work your widows peak into your bob by parting it just to the side of the peak. Your peak anchors your part, making for a clean and crisp look.

8. Centre Part

balayage medium length hair retro
A center part is your ally if you have a widow’s peak.

Since the v-shaped hairline is usually centered on the forehead, parting your hair in the middle is a solid choice to give you a symmetrical and fabulous look.

9. Long Ponytail

ponytail widow's peak.
We’re obsessed with the long ponytail hairdo.

Make your widow’s peak the star of your hairstyle with a sleek pulled-back ponytail. The v of your hairline will look like the anchor to keep the ponytail in place. And hold any rebellious hair down with a strong spray like TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray.

10. Side Swept Bangs

girl with curled hair and side bangs
Side bangs are great at concealing your v hairline.

Moving some hair around will do the trick if you want to conceal your hairline. With some styling, you can create side-swept bangs that naturally hide your widow’s peak but highlight your eyes and face shape.

11. Short and Curly

bixie haircut brown wavy hair
Use your curls for volume. Photo Credit: @melissathehairwizard

If you naturally have curly hair and a widow’s peak hairline, you can take advantage of your curls and shape them into a short or tousled cut that will soften your face line and create a feeling of fullness.

12. High Bun

widow's peak high bun
Style your hair up in a bun to highlight your hairline.

Highlight your heart-shaped face with a nice high bun. This hairstyle is perfect for any time of day and can quickly turn into a stylish look for the evening.

Widow’s Peak Treatments

Hair Removal Treatment

Hair removal is a more extreme version of getting rid of this hairline. And it’s a treatment that’s becoming increasingly popular due to various celebrities having this done. Permanent hair removal can also take up to eight sessions or more to remove all the hair. This can be a very costly treatment, but if you want to eliminate the hairline, this is something to look into!

As for shaving? We think shaving the hairline is a no-go, as achieving a straight hairline can be very difficult. Shaving might cause stubble on your forehead and most likely draw more attention.

From slicked style to half-updos, there are so many ways you can style your V-shaped hairline and fully embrace it.

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