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10 Asian Hair Color Ideas to Refresh Your Spring Look

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Eunice Lucero

From jet blacks to candy pinks, we’ve got the trendiest hues on lock.

Asian hair trends have always been cutting edge. We like to chalk it up to a lot of Asian ethnicities having mostly identical hair color as a society—this homogeny then, for some people, becoming a mold to be challenged and broken free from later on. Nowadays, Asian hair color ideas include perspective-changing hues, as well as hairstyles that flirt with avant-garde details, helping them stand out from the crowd.

Whether quirky bubblegum pink, sexy ash blonde or your non-basic black, Asian hair color ideas are definitely those to look to for some edgy, directional inspiration. Read on as we list some of our faves:

Asian Hair Color Ideas to Refresh Your Spring Look

asian hair color ideas soft black bangs
A full, sexy bang elevates this look. Photo credit:

1. Shiny Soft Black

When you say Asian hair, the image that pops into most people’s minds is the thick, straight, shiny texture typical of those of East Asian or Oriental descent. We can’t really blame them, as this archetypal hairstyle and color is also an iconic beauty look that’s drawn its fair share of admirers. Silky-smooth, dark, almost black hair that shines with health is hard to refute—especially when it’s rendered in a flattering, stylish cut, such as this full, sexy, curtain-parted fringe.

asian hair color ideas caramel highlights
A shiny, honey-caramel base and balayage is an elegant color change.

2. Caramel

One of the more ubiquitous Asian hair color ideas out there, hues of caramel and honey highlights are also a fetching option. The warm shades complement the yellow undertones in most Asian complexions, and provide a subtly elegant—yet still noticeable—change in color for those still toeing the line.

asian hair color ideas short brown ombre
Lighter ends give a lob more dimension.

3. Brown Ombré

Another gateway drug to lighter colors in the spectrum is brown ombré, which many Asians, as well as other women with a darker base color, are taking to quite strongly. Not only is this look a low-maintenance option, it’s also a way to spiff up conservative bobs and lob haircuts without going too crazy. Soft black that lightens up to a medium chestnut brown at the ends is a popular look.

asian hair color ideas bronde
A straight, blunt, bronde lob gains major style points. Photo credit:

4. Dark Ash Bronde

A brown-blonde, or bronde, color is another favorite look that more and more non-Caucasians are trying as of late. The shade falls on the ashier, or grayish-greener, side of the spectrum and complements those with rosier undertones the best. Save for an easy bang or some slight layering, this lighter shade is also an easy way to rev up a regular straight hairstyle without adding much texture.

asian hair color ideas layered blonde
Streaky highlights are an option for those easing into the blonde trend.
asian hair color ideas blunt blonde bangs
A single-process true ash blonde is definitely a head-turning hue.

5. Ash Blonde

Asians, as well as those with naturally dark hair, have to go in for several rounds of bleach to achieve a blonde hair color. This is precisely why we think this high-maintenance look is super coveted: It entails a bit more work, money and upkeep (lots of deep conditioning treatments!) to maintain that perfectly ashy, non-brassy tone, not to mention keep split ends and damage to a minimum. The results are stunning however, and this head-turning shade has made it go-to look in recent years.

asian hair color ideas jet black bangs
The best foil for a jet black hue? A graphic haircut. Photo credit:

6. Jet Black

Stark jet black is another archetypal Asian hair color, and when paired with a graphic, almost architectural haircut, achieves a coolness factor like no other. A shock of dark color in a precise shape around the face gives a distinct contrast to your facial features, so go this route if you want to show off some killer bone structure and a lovely jawline.

asian hair color ideas burgundy straight hair
A high-shine finish maximizes the impact of a burgundy hue.

7. Burgundy

Burgundy red is another crowd-pleaser amongst those with naturally dark hair—we surmise it’s because it’s a lower-maintenance shade of red that also goes well with warmer undertones. It picks up the warmth in brown eyes and doesn’t brass out as quickly as a true scarlet. It also serves as a sexy highlight on darker-pigmented hair without being too shocking.

asian hair color ideas reddish orange waves
Reddish-orange waves are also a popular look.
asian hair color ideas reddish brown hairstyles
Both short and long versions of a warm, reddish hue, expressed with different textures.

8. Reddish Orange

Shades of reddish brown and burnt orange are trendy amongst Asian countries as well. In some cases, it’s the natural fade of a once-vibrant brown or red; in others, it’s a deliberate single-process hue chosen for its complexion-flattering tones. Either way, these Asian hair color trends provide a point of interest to otherwise simple, non-textured cuts.

asian hair color ideas gas-streaked rainbow
Blunt bangs + edgy streaks = a totally confident look.

9. Rainbow

Rainbow hair color was a thing just recently, and is also another look that Asians have enjoyed experimenting with. Asian street style is rife with iterations of this color trend, with versions ranging from sunset hair to the even more avant-garde—and urbane—gasoline-puddle style, as seen above.

asian hair color ideas pink waves
A baby bang and some texturized waves make this a look worth copping, stat. Photo credit:

10. Pink

Ah, who can forget the pink? Asian hair color trends pioneered this pretty, anime-friendly shade long before we were seeing it on the streets and on our Pinterest feeds. Thankfully, we’ve been witness to a lot more awesome real-life versions of this candy-colored hue, which, when rendered in modern cuts such as micro fringes and blunt waves, now take on a more directional spin worthy of a style star.

Ed’s Note: A color-safe wash and care system, such as Nexxus New York Salon Care Color Assure Shampoo and Color Assure Conditioner, as well as a protection spray, like Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Toning Protection Spray, helps keep your shade vibrant (and your strands more moisturized) for longer.

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Eunice Lucero
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07 March 2017