Tutorial: Half-Crimped Hair

Not ready to go full '80s? Then this half-crimped look is just up your alley.

half-crimped hair


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First we had the ’90s, and then the ’70s… and now—guess what—the ’80s are back in fashion’s good graces! Well, at least as far as hair and beauty trends are concerned. Honestly, with all the neon hair and mohawks in rotation nowadays, this can’t really come as a surprise. Of all these electric, punk-inspired hairstyles, trends such as Z-shaped curls and most notably, sexy, half-crimped hair have been catching the eyes of influencers as of late.

Wearable but just with the right hint of spunk, as well oozing of that marked pizzazz that defined the Era of Excess, half-crimped hair is a look that doesn’t require you digging around your attic for old crimpers or expired tubs of cold wave lotion. It does however require a healthy sense of irony that flips the script on what’s traditionally sexy. First, that contrary to other “flattering” looks that curl at the ends, half-crimped hair does the reverse: It’s tightly crimped near the root and diffuses into straight, almost stringy lengths. Second, it’s, well, kinda fun and nostalgic, and we never underestimate the appeal of a throwback.

Before you turn your nose up at this directional look, know that it’s a hairstyle that’s been replicated on several runways. It acts as an edgier, sharper foil for Spring/Summer’s all-ruffle-everything, as well as adds interest to grunge- and streetwear-centered fashion—microtrends that are still going strong to this day. Read on for a quick (and surprisingly chill) way to do half-crimped hair:

Tutorial: Half-Crimped Hair


Start on clean, freshly-washed hair.

Waves, curls and crimps hold best on hair without grease or residue. Wash hair with a lightweight detangling and conditioning system, such as Nexxus City Shield Shampoo and Nexxus City Shield ConditionerGently towel-dry and comb to untangle any knots.

clean half-crimped hair

Apply some mousse.

Spray on a small ping-pong ball-sized amount of mousse, like TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Mousse, onto your palms and spread evenly throughout hair, roots to ends.

mousse on half-crimped hair

Comb through and part hair.

Using a medium- to fine-toothed comb, comb hair thoroughly to evenly distribute product. Create your parting.

comb half-crimped hair

Create skinny braids.

Begin braiding several three-strand braids all throughout hair, starting as close to the root as possible.

braid half-crimped hair

Iron your braids.

Set your crimps by clamping each plait between a flat iron. Open and close as you go from the root to the mid-lengths, making sure not to heat each braid for too long.

flat iron your half-crimped hair

Undo your braids.

Once you’ve finished ironing all your braids, carefully undo each plait with your fingers.

remove braids on half-crimped hair

Finish with hairspray.

Set your half-crimped hair with a hairspray that gives strong hold without the crunch, like Bed Head by TIGI Flexi Head Strong Flexible Hold Hairspray. Spray at a distance to avoid creating wet spots on your hair and to ensure a more even misting of product.


hairspray on half-crimped hair


Shake your hair out (or in true ’80s fashion, flip your head over once for some body). You’re all set!

half-crimped hair final



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