What’s In My Hair Today: The Best Mousse For Volume

Eunice Lucero | 19 October 2016

A volume seekers must-have.

I’d like to think of myself as a good girl—at least when it comes to maintaining my hair color. I’ve been diligent with upkeep (I’m in that chair, braving away those three hours, every other month), but that also means my normally straight hair has taken on a whole other texture altogether. What was previously straight and generally super manageable has now transformed into a completely volatile creature, which makes looking for things such as the best mousse for volume more of a challenge.

Looking for the Best Mousse for Volume

best mousse for volume bleached hair
Sometimes wavy, sometimes not: the plight of bleached hair. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

Bleached blonde hair is porous hair, and is extremely vulnerable to frizz and changes in the weather. Using regular mousse on hair that isn’t properly moisturized can result in frizz, flyaways, tangles or a level of unmanageability that you have to see to believe. In my case, this manifests via knots on the mid-lengths and dryness on the ends, which is why I usually resort to blowdrying lotions and creams instead of mousse if I want to give my hair extra oomph—the latter has just always left me with a crunchy, crispy feel, one that really does nothing for my hair type.

Working as a hair and beauty editor has definitely made me step out of my zone, and I’m grateful for those products you find along the way that have the power to change your mind (and ultimately, your life, amirite?). My little epiphany came this week with TRESemmé’s Climate Control Climate Protection Mousse, which admittedly sat on my shelf during the summer because I was just too involved in my updos and beach getaways to even blow my hair out. Now that the season’s cooled off and I actually welcome some hot air from the blowdryer, I finally had the chance to see if I, too, could get that well-coiffed bounce that until recently, I thought just skipped my genes entirely.

It was pretty simple: A whip on your palm around the size of a small plum, spread evenly from root to tip on damp hair. I put the blowdryer on medium, tugged my hair upward and outward using a round brush and finished off with some cool air. The results were smooth and surprisingly—ungenetically!—bouncy locks that didn’t look stiff or crunchy, or like I just huffed and puffed my way across three NYC avenues. In short, fresh, kinda wispy and totally modern and worthy of writing home about. Look ma, no frizz and definitely one of the best mousse for volume that’s out there.

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