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Best Hair Styling Tools for Every Hair Type: What Every Girl Needs in Her Styling Kit

Stock up your styling kit with these hair essentials.

Styling kits are not just for the professionals. Every girl, no matter her hair type needs to have some essential hair styling tools at home. If you’re just starting out, or need some help filling in gaps in your current tool kit, we’re here to help you out. Read on to learn more about the best hair styling tools you need!

Best Hair Styling Tools: 10 Essentials Every Girl Should Own

best hair styling tools hot rollers
Hot rollers come in very handy to create a number of styles.

1. Hot Rollers

You’re probably thinking that this is so old school but hear us out. Hot rollers are one of the best hair styling tools for achieving voluminous styles, or they can be used to prep your hair before creating updo hairstyles like beehives.

best hair styling tools: curling iron
Start off with the most basic curling iron you can get.

2. Curling Iron

Yes, nowadays we can use a flat iron to curl our hair, but the only reason people opt for this is when they don’t own a curling iron to begin with. Start off with a one-inch sized barrel to create curly hairstyles, like Hollywood curls, and more.

best hair styling tools: flat iron
How else do you plan to get flawless wavy hairstyles?

3. Flat Iron

You can’t leave your straight hairstyles entirely up to your blowdryer. Flat irons help seal the deal on your sleek styles and can also be used for mid-week touchups. Need help using a flat iron? Use our guide to learn how you can boost your flat ironing skills.

best hai styling tools: rattail comb
You’d be surprised how many ways you can use the rattail comb.

4. Tail Comb

This is essential for creating styles that require clean and precise hair partings. Consider buying tail combs with different tooth sizes. A fine-tooth tail comb can be used for wet styling already detangled hair and a wide tooth tail comb can be used for sectioning and detangling hair.

nexxus hair brushes ibiza oval
This is one of the best hair styling tools for a number of reasons. Your kit is not complete without it!

5. Boar Bristle Brush

Every girl needs this brush in her kit. This brush helps distribute the scalp’s natural oils throughout your hair, or you can even use it to smooth and finish your hairstyles. For more ways to use the boar bristle brush, check out our guide.

best styling tools
Use this brush to gently detangle your hair after washing.

6. Detangling Brush

Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, a detangling brush will make the detangling process a breeze. Remember to always start from the ends to the roots when brushing.

best styling tools bobby pins
Use them to secure your styles or to create a fun bobby pin hairstyle.

7. Bobby Pins

Use bobby pins to secure your pin curls in place, to secure your buns, or hop on the bobby pin hairstyling train. For some inspiration, check out some of our favorite ways to style your hair with bobby pins.

best hair styling tools: round brush
Have this on hand for at-home blowouts.

8. Round Styling Brush

Not only is this brush ideal for blowdrying your hair, you can also use it to smoothen and curl your hair during the drying process. This is great if you’re looking to a salon-worthy voluminous blowout at home with a nice bump to the ends of your hair.

best hair styling tools hair clips
This will make styling your hair with sections so much easier.

9. Hair Clips

Admit it. Every time you read or watch a hairstyle tutorial and it instructs that you place your hair in sections, you never have right styling tools to secure your section in place. Girl, it’s time to invest in clips. Opt for buying a set in various sizes so you have a variety. You never know when you just may need a tiny clip.

best hair styling tools: ponytail holders
Buy a bunch and place a few in every bag you own! This way you’ll never run out.

10. Ponytail Holders

If you’re still using a rubber band to secure your ponytails, you’re doing it wrong. Not only will a rubber band snag your hair, it also breaks easily when you keep looping your hair through to achieve your favorite sleek and tight updo style. Make sure you buy a bunch of ponytail holders, we all know that they magically disappear.

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