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6 Essential Tips for Treating Dry Hair

Dry hair that’s dull, unmanageable and frizzy can put a downer on your day, but treating dry hair doesn’t mean comprising on style–it just needs a little more tender loving care. Swimming, heat and hair color (and even just water in general) can all deplete essential hair-conditioning lipids, but don’t worry, knowing how to fix dry hair is easy with these essential tips for dry hair.

1. Treating dry hair: be gentle

Conditioner gets all the glory when it comes to treating dry hair, but your shampoo is just as important when it comes to gentle cleansing. The ideal shampoo is one that injects moisture into dry hair, rather than stripping it out, so opt for one with a gentle and moisturizing formula, like Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo.

2. Spread the love (and lipids)

Hair is at its healthiest towards the root, partly because it is newly grown, but also because it benefits from the hydro-lipid oils produced by your scalp, which contribute to hair’s elasticity and hydration–nature’s own treatment for dry hair. Spread some of this love further south by brushing your hair regularly–and we’re not talking the usual daily detangle. One of our favorite tips for dry hair management is gently brushing or combing your hair 2-3 times a day for a couple of minutes each time.

3. Pool-smart tips for dry hair

Chlorine is dry hair’s worst enemy, but knowing how to get rid of dry hair caused by swimming is easy, so don’t throw in the towel just yet. Invest in a swimming cap to protect hair while you’re in the pool, and shampoo it thoroughly after your swim. Keep a luxurious treatment for dry hair, such as Dove Nutritive Solutions Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Hair Mask sachet in your gym bag, for when your hair needs an extra moisture boost post-swim.

4. Colored hair hydration

Colored hair is prone to dryness… but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to know how to help fix dry hair that’s been dyed, use a shampoo and conditioner duo that’s specially designed to put moisture back into colored hair, such as Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner. It keeps hair hydrated and even helps your hair color stay vibrant for up to 40 washes.

5. How to fix dry hair: beat the heat

Lots of tips for dry hair suggest reducing heat styling, but there’s no need to panic if you’re a big lover of your hair-dryer, straighteners and curling iron. If you want to know how to get rid of dry hair caused by heat, all you need is the right protection. Dove Style+Care Heat-Protect Spray used on damp hair before styling is ideal because its clever formula adds a barrier between the heat source and the hair fiber to protect hair.

6. Treatment for dry hair infused with oil

There’s a good reason treatment for dry hair with oil has been used for centuries. If you’re treating dry hair, find a way to work products for hydration infused with oil into every stage of your haircare routine. Try Dove Nutritive Solutions Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner, which are infused with a blend of Nutri-Oils, and once a week indulge in the Dove Nutritive Solutions Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Hair Mask for beautiful, hydrated hair that’s touchably soft.

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