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Daylight Savings: Fall for These 4 Time-Saving Hair Products to Get In On

You'll never be short on time with these. 

Daylight Savings was this weekend, and #snoozers all around America are rejoicing. We technically gain an hour, which means enjoying some extra time for our morning glam. In any case, time-saving hair products like dry shampoo, shampoo-and-conditioner duos, as well as multipurpose leave-ins can cut down on the time we spend on our hair, which leaves us more opportunities to relish those little things we take for granted in the morning (like a long, satisfying shower… or a healthy breakfast, finally!).

Read on to learn which products to use during this time and how it can help you free up some time on your hands during this transitional season:

Add These Time-Saving Hair Products to Your Beauty Routine

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1. Dry Shampoo

Brunch is a state of mind, yes, but getting up for brunch sometimes takes a lot more than mind over matter—particularly during days after you’ve indulged in too much wine by the fire! Sure, messy buns are always here to the rescue, but for that extra bump of zest in the AM, nothing beats a fresh-feeling head of hair. Utilize time-saving hair products like dry shampoo for a win-win: You get to keep your hair in check and revitalized and join in on those tempting mimosas. Quickly refresh your hair with Love Beauty and Planet Radical Refresher Citrus Peel Uplifting Dry Shampoo before heading out to meet your boozy boos.

2. 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Having issues like a dry, itchy or flaky scalp can make the wash-day process feel like a chore. Some of us don’t have the patience to allow medicated shampoos to sit for a few minutes before jumping into the conditioning process either. If this sounds like you, cut down on time (and relish in those precious extra minutes starfishing in bed) and treat yourself to a dual overachiever, like Dove DermaCare Scalp Invigorating Mint Anti-Dandruff 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner. What this really means: Less time washing and more time Netflix and chilling for the weekend.

3. All-In-One Styler

Who doesn’t want one thing that does it all? One product that affords us a longer time between freezing winter morning shampooing plus something that cuts down on frizz and static and gives us much-needed heat and styling protection is basically the unicorn of hair products. Well, thankfully, in this reality, unicorns exist (and we can’t be convinced otherwise): Check out the game-changing benefits of TRESemmé Between Washes Style Refresh All-in-1 Styling Spray both during wash day and beyond, and wonder how you ever did without.

4. No-Rinse Conditioner

If you’ve ever gotten a mini-anxiety attack just thinking of all the prep you need to do for a good hair day, then you’re not alone. Although we appreciate the whole enchilada of hair care and styling for what it is, sometimes it can feel a bit much—especially during those time-crunch days when you just can’t even (i.e. rainy days, Mondays, coffee-to-cocktails days, that annoying Friday-afternoon wedding you need to glam up on the fly for…). Thankfully, things like The Good Stuff Volumizing Hydration Foam have given us a heck of a reprieve: This no-rinse conditioner (yup, it’s a shower-styler!) is awesomely lightweight enough to leave your strands both with hydration, as a conditioner does, and natural volume and movement, as in akin to your trusty mousse—thereby cutting down on an extra step. Fine hair gets the most out of this multitasker, but we’re assuming anyone who wants to streamline their shower shelves—and, ergo, their lives—will most likely delight in this as well.

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